Non-commercial Institutions Medi Bridge India is a leading medical travel facilitator based in Bangalore. We are a team of committed and passionate people who are eager to assist your medical trip to India. Medi Bridge India maintains close network with doctors and JCI accredited hospitals in India. Using our close ties with hospitals, healthcare agencies, … Continue reading PARTNERSHIP

Cost of Liposuction Surgery

The low cost of Liposuction technique in India attracts patients from all over the world. However, the cost of surgery depends upon the specific body area selected. All the doctors in India are well trained and highly experienced offering the best treatment to their patients.

Medical Tourism Russia

Featured Partner: American Medical Clinic The American Medical Clinic, one of the first private healthcare centers to open in St. Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city and cultural capital, opened its doors in 1994. From its inception, the AMC was geared towards the healthcare needs of tourists and expatriates in Russia. All our staff speaks English … Continue reading Medical Tourism Russia


340 kms from Bangalore lies Hospet. Its tourist importance lies in its proximity to Hampi, the site of the medieval Vijayanagar Empire, situated about 13 kms away. The Tungabhadra Dam here harnesses the sweet waters of the Tungabhadra river. At the base of the dam is a garden styled along Japanese lines. Prime Attractions On … Continue reading Hospet

(Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

South India's Chennai is the epicenter of India's medical tourism industry, attracting patients with its cheap health care, top-of-the-range medical technology and English-speaking Chennai doctors. While Chennai offers world-class medical treatment, it is usually the low price of procedures that is the weighing factor in patients deciding to come here for medical care. Chennai lacks … Continue reading (Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Home-Again Tips

About 10 percent of bariatric-surgery patients lose too little weight after the surgery or regain the weight they lose. Bariatric surgery is not a magic fix. It is not an end but a beginning. Patients must commit themselves to aggressive lifestyle modification practices, including carefully controlled dietary restrictions and exercise routines if permanent weight management … Continue reading Home-Again Tips