A Guide to Medical Tourism in Thailand

A Guide to Medical Tourism in ThailandMedical Tourism Thailand: Going to a hospital in Chiang Mai

I haven’t been on social media this week, because I got sick. and then I went to the hospital in Chiang Mai… Aah, part of the fun reality of travel. This was my inspiration for sharing my experience in medical tourism in Thailand.

When I travel to Southeast Asia and Asia. I don’t often buy travel insurance (okay, well, technically, I charge my tickets through American Express which offers free travel insurance coverage). You may think this is unwise of me. But I think I’m wise.

I use Southeast Asia/Asia as my medical and dental insurance …against the U. S. Having lived and traveled here a bit, I know how medical practices range. The medical tourism in places that I like visiting, like Thailand and South Korea (occasionally India) has gotten progressively good and when you find a decent doctor or dentist, it’s substantially better than the U. S.

Pharmaceuticals, doctor visits and procedures can be cheaper. Significantly. Such that, for the cost of a procedure you can also get an exotic vacation.

Perhaps that’s why more health insurance companies are opening coverage to medical tourism these days.


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