Medical Tourism USA

Medical Tourism USAWe at Clinic International believe that the achievements and possibilities of the international top class medical development should be accessable to everybody. We know that top class medical treatment can be expensive but prices have to be reasonable. Our goal at Clinic International is to connect the needs of the patient with the market that serves these need at it’s best. Clinic International is your International Health Service. Services: Artificial Disc Replacement and other orthopedic therapies is our focus at Clinic International. We are the representatives of German hospitals in the United States. We serve American patients to get the best medical treatment and care available worldwide. Especially the treatment of the spinal column is a major field of our experiences.

ADR – Artificial Disc Replacement

Individuals with degenerated discs in the lower (lumbar) spine sometimes suffer from disabling, chronic low back pain. Most patients with symptomatic degenerative conditions in the spine are treated non-surgically with anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy and injections. Most of these individuals will favorably respond to non-surgical methods of treatment, but a subset of individuals will continue to experience pain. The chronic nature of back pain often interferes with the ability to work and participate in regular daily activities. As a result, surgical treatment may become necessary.

Our leading hospitals are now treating international patients in all orthopedic fields. Clinic International will also arrange all organizational matters like transportation, pick-up-service, visa if required, all medical appointments, post surgical stay in Germany and a 24/7 hotline of our Health Service Team for your convenience.

Our orthopedic surgeons are some of the most experienced ADR surgeons available worldwide. They will make sure that you really are a candidate for ADR. If you have further questions on ADR or other orthopedic or organizational matters please do not hesitate to contact us right now.

For further details contact:

Clinic International

US Office

11201 122nd Ave N. #239,

Largo, FL. 33778, USA

phone: +1 619 330 0877 – fax: +1 619 330 0878

Our mission at MedRetreat is simple. We want to help you design an exotic and amazing vacation, while helping you obtain a medical procedure at the best and most reputable healthcare facilities the world has to offer at a fraction of the cost in the US.

Services: Cosmetic, Dental and General Medical.

Liposuction Tummy Tuck Thigh Lift Arm Lift Buttocks Lift Botox Cheek Filling Lip Filling Nasolabial Forrows Filling Brow Lift Blepharoplasty Rhinoplasty Otoplasty Chin Implant Facial Lifting Neck Lift Silicone Breast Implants Saline Breast Implant Breast Reduction Silicone Breast Implant + Lift Micro Skin Abrasion Medium Peeling Deep Peeling With Exoderm Superficial Peeling Teeth whitening Dental Implants Complete Cosmetic Dental General check ups and cleaning Crowns Veneers Root Canal treatment Tooth Straightening Tooth Replacement Oral Surgery Gum Disease Treatment Organ Transplants LASIK Treatments Gastric Bypass Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding Hair Implant & Recovery Clear Lensectomy Treatment Dry Eye Treatment Dialysis Hip/Knee Replacements Comprehensive Checkups Mri Scanning.

For more details contact:


1121 Annapolis Road, PMB 160

Odenton, MD 21113

General Inquiries: Toll Free: 1-877-876-3373

Customer Service: 1-877-876-3373 option 1

At The International Gamma Knife Clinic at Palm Beach, LLC it is our mission to provide the highest quality state of the art Healthcare of Neurological Services in the world today with Dignity, Excellence and Respect for our patients. Our Ultimate Goal is to help so many people with illnesses throughout the world. Finding hope in hopeless situations, treating tumors and functional disorders that effect the quality of your life. Given the opportunity, hopefully, we can help you through these difficult times in your life.

– by Charles Runckel

Medical Tourism

For most people needing medical care, the last thing on their minds is travel but a growing number of American medical tourists are setting out for India, Thailand and Latin America for everything from dental work to breast implants to major heart surgery. Rising health care costs in the US push people to seek medical treatments elsewhere, while medical facilities in developing countries have not only caught up to western standards but also in many ways exceeded them. These tourists are usually surprised to find brand new facilities and equipment as hospitals and medical tourism hubs around the world join in the fierce competition for this fast growing market.

This series of articles explores the reasons for going overseas and for staying home, as well as a comparison of major medical tourism hubs and an in-depth look at two hospitals that cater to international patients. While price is the major factor that first leads patients to look overseas for health care, there are a number of other benefits that often escape notice, though the price difference remains the prime motivator for most people. Medical tourism has its perils, however, and the aspiring tourist should be familiar with possible problems and have a good idea about which hub is right for them long before planning the details of a trip.

This is the main reason most people initially cite for their decision to go overseas for medical treatment, but the situation is actually even better than the bare numbers suggest. Figures that are normally thrown out range from one quarter to one tenth the price of US care, with dental work firmly occupying the one-tenth corner. These estimates are based on India, which is commonly the lowest priced option of sufficient quality for Westerners. While there is considerable variation, as a rule of thumb Thailand, India’s major competitor, is approximately 20% more expensive while the South American and other medical tourism hubs weigh in at 50-100% more than India.

Medical Tourism Companies in America (USA)

Medical Tourism Companies in America (USA)

Medical tourism – the process of “leaving home” for treatments and care abroad or elsewhere – is an emerging phenomenon in the health care industry. Broadly speaking, medical tourism is the act of traveling to obtain medical care. As patients are exposed to greater financial burdens resulting from higher co-payments and price transparency efforts, they are likely to seek low cost treatments abroad. The safety and quality of care available in many offshore settings is no longer an issue. People who travel abroad look for safety, quality, and accreditation certification.

Medical Tourism Companies in USA : The sky rocketing Cost of the medical procedures and Long wait as well as elongated medical formalities, in the developed countries like the USA, availing treatment gets very difficult. To overcome this there are manymedical tourism companies in USA that have emerged to help the people get Cost effective and high quality treatment they are looking for in different countries. The most commonly chosen countries for medical tourism are India, Malaysia, Singapore, Costa Rica, and Thailand. The cost in these countries is affordable and also offers superlative medical care and facilities.

The average cost for a procedure in these countries is 20 to 35% off the total cost of the treatment offered in USA.

All the medical treatments and investigations are done using technologically advanced diagnostic equipments. Accreditation is particularly important because it can give consumers and employers a level of confidence that the services provided are comparable to those available in the USA. The common accreditations are JCI, Trent, NCQA, ISO, ESQH, ISQUA, and Netherlands Institute for Accreditation of Hospitals. India, Malaysia, Singapore, Costa Rica, and Thailand with some other countries have many JCI accredited hospitals which can assure you the services than meet or can exceed the US services.

The doctors in these countries have got an expertise in performing successful cardiac surgeries, marrow transplants. and these doctors have studied in USA and have immense experience from those hospitals.

The climates in these countries are also suitable to the tourists making it possible for people to be able to travel in all seasons. Some hospitals in these countries also have tie ups with various recreational s facilities to provide the patient some of the best times.

These are many medical tourism companies in these countires. Medical facilitators are companies that guide the use of medical tourism for patients and providers. Many patients find using facilitators to be more convenient and expedient than looking for a program on their own. Facilitators have experience in the medical tourism process and are able to address any concerns or questions that patients might have. They often provide assistance with logistics and travel arrangements. Patients may even be able to get lower rates from medical facilitators than directly from clinical programs abroad.


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