Medical Tourism in Greece

Medical Tourism in GreeceGreece is a relative newcomer to the Western European medical tourism scene, but its facilities are comparable with those at destinations with more established reputations in this field. Complex medical surgeries have yet to be added to its repertoire; however, popular cosmetic procedures and a full range of dental treatments are practiced with as much care and professionalism as in other key medical tourist centers within the EU.

Patients seeking surgical procedures in Greece can take comfort in the knowledge that many Greek doctors practicing plastic surgery are trained overseas at top internationally accredited schools in countries such as the US and UK. Combine this with state of the art equipment and modern hospitals and Greece is a sharp competitor in Europe’s burgeoning medical tourism scene.

Prices are equally appealing, with many procedures at a saving of up to 40 per cent against what you would pay in the UK and other EU countries, and in the US also. Savings combined with quick and hassle-free air travel (Athens is just 3.5 hours from London) explain why a large percentage of Greece’s medical tourists are British.

Athens is the focus of the country’s medical tourism scene, and it’s here that visitors will find the greatest concentration of private hospitals offering popular cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures. The Greek government is also looking to develop destinations such as Achaia, Thessaloniki, Khalkidhiki and Crete, taking advantage of their existing appeals as leisure holiday locations in order to offer visitors both high quality surgery and attractive environments in which to recuperate.

While Greek is the country’s official language, visitors will find that English is widely spoken in major tourist areas and with competence by both doctors and nursing staff at private hospitals and clinics offering medical tourist packages.


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