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Sessions and Tracks

Health Management or health care Management is expounded to leadership, management and administration of health care systems, public health systems, hospitals, and hospital networks. Generally management of one establishment is additionally stated as Health service management. There are unit completely different associations related to health systems management that may be classified as institutional or personal membership teams. Personal membership teams area unit joined by people generally centered on their individual skills & career development. larger personal membership teams embrace the faculty of tending Executives, the HealthcareManagement Associations. and therefore the Healthcare information Technology and Management Systems Society.

The domain of aid Innovation, Health Policy and analysis conducts autonomous and opportune arrangement analysis with the purpose of dynamic human services framework. Procedures for and interests in infection compensatory action and administration are another basic located of parts deciding eudaemonia result.

Health services embody all services managing the identification and treatment of sickness, or the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health. They embody personal and non-personal health services.

Health services square measure the foremost visible functions of any health system, each to users and therefore the general public. Service provision refers to the method inputs like cash, staff, instrumentation and medicines square measure combined to permit the delivery of health interventions.

Improving access, coverage and quality of services depends on these key resources being available; on the ways in which services organized and managed, and on incentives influencing suppliers and users.

Women have distinctive health problems and a few of the health problems that have an effect on girls otherwise. Distinctive problems embrace maternity, menopause, and conditions of the feminine organs. Girls will have a healthy maternity by obtaining early and regular prenatal care. They must conjointly get Breast carcinoma. cervical cancer. and bone density screenings. Complications of maternity are health issues that occur throughout maternity.

They will involve the mother's health, the baby's health, or both. Diet and nutrition throughout maternity time feeding well at work super molecule made veg recipes feeding well: 13-16 weeks Calcium rich recipes.

Organic process is that the event of Delaware Graf’s follicles rupturing and emotional secondary gametocyte sex gland cells. The most effective time to undertake and conceive is throughout the ‘fertile window’ of the of the menstrual cycle. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a standard medical criticism. It’s calculable that up to 40 % of ladies can have a UTI at it slow in their lives. Breast cancer is cancer that develops from breast tissue.

Signs of carcinoma could embrace a lump within the breast, a amendment in breast form. Certain factors increase your risk of ovarian cancer: Age genetic mutation, internal secretion, sex hormone, hormone replacement medical care.

Nutritional science investigates the metabolic and physiological responses of the body to diet. With advances within the fields of biology, organic chemistry, genetics, the study of Human nutrition is more and more involved with metabolism and metabolic pathways. Paediatric medicine is that the branch of drugs that deals with the medical aid of infants, children, and adolescents, and therefore the ordinance typically ranges from birth up to 18 years According to Primary Healthcare, Nutrition is a few of the foremost effective sorts of development aid.

Breastfeeding will cut back rates of deficiency disease and death in kids. Medical nutrition medical aid could be a therapeutic approach to treating medical conditions and their associated symptoms via the utilization of a specifically tailored diet devised and monitored by a registered dietician or skilled specialiser. Probiotics are unit live microorganism and yeasts that area unit smart for your health, particularly your digestive system. Most people trying to lose weight only focus on their ultimate goal: dropping pounds. But it's important not to lose sight of the diet and exercise changes that will get you there.

The term chronic is typically applied once the course of the sickness lasts for more than 3 months. Common chronic diseases embody inflammatory disease http://healthcare. global-summit. com/middleeast/call-for-abstracts. php. asthma, cancer, COPD, Diabetes and infectious agent diseases like viral hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. Chronic diseases. like heart condition, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes, square measure out and away the leading explanation for mortality within the world, representing 60% of all deaths. Out of the 35 million people who died from chronic disease in 2005, half were under 70 and half were women.

The non-communicable diseases are typically lasting medical conditions however are separated by their non-infectious causes. In distinction, some chronic diseases, like HIV/AIDS, are caused by transmissible infections. Chronic diseases represent a significant explanation for mortality. Chronic care management encompasses the oversight and education activities conducted by health care professionals to assist patients with chronic diseases and health conditions like diabetes, high vital sign, lupus, multiple sclerosis and sleep apnea learn to know their condition and live with success with it.

Track 07: Mental and Physical Health

The reciprocal relationship between a lot of severe and protracted psychopathy and poor physical health, as well as cardiovascular disease and Diabetes, is more and more clear. Consequently, the physical health care of individuals with severe and protracted psychopathy has been known as a significant public health challenge.

Mental health could be a level of psychological well-being, or an absence of a Mental Disorder. It’s the "psychological state of somebody who is engaging at a satisfactory level of emotional and activity adjustment". From the angle of positive scientific discipline or holistic theory, mental state could embody a person's ability to fancy life, and build a balance between life activities and efforts to attain psychological resilience. An individual scuffling with his or her activity health could face stress, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, grief, addiction, minimal brain dysfunction or learning disabilities, Mood disorders, consumption disorders or different psychological considerations.

Track 08: Alternative Healthcare medicine and Case studies

About 60% of Australians use complementary medicines a minimum of once per annum. Many of us believe that different or complementary preparations, like Herbal medicines are safer as a result of their derived from natural sources. This isn’t perpetually true. Some herbs will act on the body as powerfully as any standard drugs, and unwanted aspect effects will occur. When Alcohol used with drugs will cause aspect effects and traditional medicine toxic side effects and drug interactions.

Track 09: Healthcare and Technology

Technological innovation has yielded actually exceptional advances in health care throughout the last 5 decades. In recent years, breakthroughs in an exceedingly type of areas have helped to boost health supplying and patient outcomes, as well as antivirals, anticlotting medication, antihypertensive drugs, diabetic medication, rheumatic medication. vaccines, pharmacogenomics and targeted cancer therapies, cardiac rhythm management, diagnostic imaging, minimally invasive surgery, joint replacement, pain management, infection management, and health data technology. The proliferation of health care technology and its increasing uses have contributed to burgeoning health care prices.

Track 10: Global Healthcare Economics

Without doubt, medical technology is indispensable for people's health and higher quality of life in some areas; and contributes billions of dollars to the economy. Total healthcare costs worldwide was $7.2 trillion in 2013, accounting for 10.6% of worldwide gross domestic product and forecast to grow at >5% annually to 20181.Increase in pay area unit being driven in massive half by will increase in anticipation, resulting in ageing populations.

Health economy is said to price, behavior potency and effectiveness within the production and consumption of each health and health care. Health economists study the functioning of health care systems & health-affecting behaviors like drinking, smoking etc. But there are several sub-categories underneath health policies like National Healthcare policy, personal health care policy, Nursing Healthcare policy, pharmaceutical policy, and Environmental Health and public healthcare policies like vaccination policy, tobacco management policy and breastfeeding promotion policy.

Oral diseases at intervals completely different population teams are indicated by the proportion of individuals who have decayed, missing or filled teeth. Oral health Meeting and Dentists Meeting give the platform to act the Oral Practitioners.

Digital technologies are reinventing Healthcare across the patient lifecycle, enabling a additional individualised, timely and cost-efficient treatment journey. The inflow of smarter devices. mobile solutions and patient-centred technologies means that trade trends are evolving, and by 2020 the healthcare time as we all know it nowadays, are going to be unrecognisable. Generally, digital healthcare regarding interconnected health systems therefore on improve the utilization of process technologies, sensible devices, process analysis techniques and communication media to help healthcare professionals and patients manage sicknesses and health risks. also as promote health and prosperity

Digital tending could be a multi-disciplinary domain that involves several stakeholders, together with clinicians, researchers and scientists with a good vary of experience healthcare, engineering, social sciences, public health. health political economy and management.

Track 13: Safe management of wastes from Healthcare activities

The term health-care waste includes all the waste generated among health-care facilities. analysis centres and laboratories associated with medical procedures. Additionally, it includes constant styles of waste originating from minor and scattered sources, together with waste made within the course of health care undertaken within the home (e. g. home chemical analysis, self-administration of hypoglycaemic agent, restorative care).

Most waste generated in attention institutions are often treated as regular solid municipal waste. However a varied proportion of HCW needs special attention, together with sharps (e. g. needles, razors, scalpels), pathological waste. different doubtless infectious waste, pharmaceutical waste, biological waste, and dangerous chemical waste. Together, these wastes area unit referred to as “special healthcare waste”.

Track 14: Medical Tourism and Public Health

Medical Tourism describes the act of individuals creating health decisions and accessing health treatments across borders. Once customers elect to travel across international borders to receive some type of medical treatment, which may span the complete vary of medical services (most commonly includes dental care, cosmetic care. elective surgery and fertility treatment).

Track 15: Key Concepts in Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism most frequently is for surgeries (cosmetic or otherwise) or similar treatments, though people travel for dental tourism or fertility tourism. people with rare genetic disorders might trip countries wherever the treatment is best understood. However, the majority kinds of health care are accessible, as well as medicine, practice of medicine, convalescent care. and even burial services.

Depending on the destination they choose, medical tourists is also subject to variety of risks, like deep vein thrombosis from air travel or poor post-operative care. It covers a good field of health-oriented, commercial enterprise starting from preventive and health-conductive treatment to rehabilitation and curative styles of travel.

Track 16: Medical tourism and Economy

The main impact of medical tourism is that it brings direct interchange earnings and contributes greatly to government revenues. It offers employment and business opportunities to the native individuals. Medical tourism is a massive supply of interchange for destination economies as a result of foreign medical tourists usher in foreign currency to pay money for totally different merchandise and services they receive throughout their medical journey.

Medical tourism is an rising world business, with a spread of key stakeholders with business interests as well as health care suppliers, insurance provision, web site suppliers and conference and media services. Since medical tourism attracts the high-end tourists from developed and developing nations, it provides an economic boost to not solely developed countries however additionally tiny or disadvantaged regions, that otherwise square measure wealthy in ancient ways of health.

Track 17: Challenges in Medical tourism

Even though there are various edges and opportunities provided by medical Tourism, potential medical tourists who are wanting forward to exploit these benefits, ought to even be tuned in to the challenges. Authorization and varied quality measures dissent wide across the world that will end up to be risky and even dangerous for medical tourists to ponder, creating medical commercial enterprise a difficult methodology.

Track 18. Entrepreneur Investment Meet

Healthcare Middle East 2017 provides extreme avenues for Investors seeking for investment opportunities and increasing their business prospect. Our conference is attended by participants from quite 40 countries and attracts a motivating combination of practitioners, educational analysers and people who are engaged in numerous aspects of innovations in Health research thereby implementing lots of networking opportunities and new data.

To explore more about business and investment opportunities write us at healthcongress@healthconferences. org

About Conference

On behalf of Organizing committee, we take this opportunity in extending a warm and cordial welcome to you to be a part of the 12 th World Congress on Healthcare and Medical Tourism. Health Congress 2017 conference is scheduled during October 16-17, 2017 at Dubai, UAE. Which aims to gather the most elegant societies and industries along with the renowned and honorable persons form top universities across the globe.

During this conference series. the international symposiums, B2B meetings, international workshops will also be organized to discuss the specific topics in the field of Healthcare. The conference also welcomes International exhibitions form corporate sectors to showcase the recent advancements in the tools and techniques. In all its ways Health Congress 2017 creates an opportunity to make partnership deals which shall turn into a cent per cent success meet.

The theme of the conference is based on “ Transition of care: The need for a more effective approach toward Healthcare ”. The audience of the Health Congress 2017 conference are expected from wide discipline, the conference will be informative and interesting with thought provoking International workshops and International symposiums to the all the participants.

Dubai has become the capital of the world where visitors and tourists live unique experiences and enjoy special attractions. Attending and contributing to the summit will definitely enhance your cultural and scientific experience and open further opportunities for you and your career.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our conference series. the 12 th World Congress on Healthcare and Medical Tourism in Dubai UAE.

Market Analysis

Scope and Importance of Healthcare

The achievements in health worldwide during this century and particularly throughout the past few years are quite spectacular. The role and also the significance of health systems within the quality of life and welfare in trendy society are broadly speaking well recognized. Also, attributable to their growing importance publically finances and also the economy, they need become a dominant economic and political issue. During this context, vast connected literature and a broad vary of enforced reforms in varied countries have created huge data and skill, valuable for healthcare policies and economical management of Healthcare systems.

The healthcare landscape of worldwide health has modified considerably over the last 5 years. As international tourists and players have entered the market to fulfil the growing demand for services, competition has enlarged, providing patients with larger selection. Healthcare industry can see a quantum jump within the next few years, following the adoption of a strategic set up for the years 2013–2025 by Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Healthcare economic science of Dubai has witnessed growth within the health sector. The amount of hospitals in Dubai has enlarged from twenty two in 2008 to twenty-eight in 2012, a growth of 27% to achieve the extent of excellence in Patient Safety and Emergency care.

The non-public healthcare sector of emirates can want a minimum of roughly 1,500 new hospital beds with associate calculable new investment of $1.5 billion (Dh5.5 billion) by the year 2020. If medical commercial enterprise in city were to capture two % of its international tourists in 2015, an extra $1 billion (Dh3.67 billion) in revenues would be generated by the Healthcare sector."

To further establish Dubai city as a medical and wellness tourism hub, Healthcare suppliers might supply tailor-made comprehensive medical and wellness tourism packages that embrace prices of medical treatment, visa, edifice stays and even recreational activities for accompanying family members. What we tend to advocate is that hospitals add collaboration with airlines, hotels and health authorities to with success establish Dubai city as a medical tourism hub.

Dubai is one in every of the foremost cosmopolitan cities within the world. Living in port contains a ton to supply. It’s the biggest population within the UAE (2,106,177) and also the second-largest land territory by space (4,114 km2) when national capital. In Dubai, there ar some sixty four Universities, Institutes and faculties out of 103 in UAE, that ar directly or indirectly into Healthcare. There are some 38 total hospitals and health clinics in Dubai out of 138 in UAE. Growth is one the key factors driving demand for tending in Dubai, with the population expected to succeed in 3.5 million by 2020.

The city has older a big construction boom since the last decade across all sectors as well as the tending. The ‘New Dubai’ areas facing shortage of Healthcare facilities as most of the facilities exist in ‘Old Dubai’, aforementioned a brand new study. However, 71% of the hospitals in Dubai are set in ‘Old Dubai’ that depicts a big chance for establishing new facilities within the ‘New Dubai’.

Conference highlights

    Healthcare Management Healthcare Innovation Healthcare Services Women Healthcare Health and Nutrition Chronic Diseases Mental and Physical Health Alternative Healthcare medicine and Case studies Healthcare and Technology Global Healthcare Economics Oral and Dental Health Digital Health Care Safe management of wastes from Healthcare activities Medical Tourism and Public Health Key Concepts in Medical tourism Medical tourism and Economy Challenges in Medical tourism Entrepreneur Investment Meet

Target Audience

Doctors, Health Professionals, Associations, Societies, NGOs, Directors/ Managers & Business Intelligence Experts, Vice Presidents/ Directors & Brand Manufacturers/ Marketers of Healthcare sector, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Hospitals and Health Clinics. Professors, Scientists, Researchers and Students from Academia in the study of Healthcare.


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