Kerala Medical Tourism: A Quick Preview

Kerala Medical Tourism: A Quick PreviewTaking Kerala Ayurveda tour, you can enjoy moments of peace and tranquility. The state has plenty of Ayurveda centers all around, and offers healing experience for travelers to savor. Read below to get more about Ayurveda tourism in Kerala.

Kerala tour packages ensure you a holiday amidst fascinating natural bounties, delicious cultures & cuisines and a literate & capacious civilization in India. Fondly called as the God’s Own country, Kerala has always been a popular choice for nature-loving tourists. Lovely sandy beaches dotted with swaying palms, verdant hills, serene & scenic backwaters and enchanting forests full of interesting flora & fauna give the state an identity to be a nature’s paradise.

That’s not all. Shopaholics have a gala time in Kerala, and so do the foodies and culture enthusiasts. But what leave many visitors in Kerala spellbound are various Ayurvedic treatments, which offer relax and rejuvenation after the tiresome shopping and sightseeing. However, many travelers from India and abroad take Kerala tour to experience its healing ayurvedic treatments.

It wouldn’t be wrong if you say Kerala ‘Mecca of Ayurveda’. Several destinations in the state are renowned for their massage therapies and ayurvedic treatments, which provide a unique rejuvenation to body, mind and soul. The theories of Ayurveda have become an integral part of everyday life in Kerala. It has been giving a large employment to the locals. These practices and products for the treatments are purely natural, which have evolved in and around Kerala.

Popular Ayurvedic therapies in Kerala:

• Dhara: helpful in de-stress, this practice involves pouring herbal oils and milk on the forehead.

• Pizhichil: this therapy is quite effective for the patients of arthritis, hemiplegia and nervous disorders. Herbal oil is applied on entire body.

• Nasyam: Inhaling of medicated herbal preparations to treat migrains and chronic colds.

• Elakhizi: A kind of message therapy used to enhance blood circulation and revitalize the skin.

• Njavarakizhi: medicated rice packs are used externally to treat rheumatism and wasting muscles.

Kerala Government has been taking measures to promote medical tourism in the state and to ensure quality standard of the practices. Ayurvedic centers in Kerala have been classified into two categorized: Green Leaf and Olive leaf on basis of quality of their services. Although basic facilities for both categories are same, there are some essential features which differentiate the two. To be a Green Leaf Ayurveda Center, it should have:

• A special yoga/meditation hall

• Abundant greenery and serenity

• A green herbal garden

When being on a Kerala tour, following are some popular centers you can consider for Ayurvedic therapies.

• Ayukshetram Ayurveda Hospital & health Resort, Thiruvannathpuram

• Amba Ayurveda hospital, Kottayam

• Ayurvedic Center, the Gateway Hotel (Kozhikode)

• Peace Cottage, Alappuzha

• Athreya Ayurvedic Center, Kottayam

• Green Ayur Center. Kozkikode

Planning your Kerala tour with a travel agent can give you pleasurable experience. From hotel booking to flight reservation and a variety of Kerala holiday packages are offered by travel portals online. All that you need to do is to choose your suitable deal considering your needs and budget.

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