Medical Tourism Canada

Medical Tourism CanadaCanadians may be seeking treatment outside their borders, but an even greater number of foreigners are taking advantage

of medical tourism in Canada for surgery, medical procedures, and treatments. The largest influx of health tourists are from the nearby US, but patients from Europe and Latin America are also traveling to the Great White North for world-class care, lower costs, and the opportunity to recuperate in the glorious natural landscape or modern urban centers of Canada. Americans have the advantage in traveling to Canada in that if their treatment takes less than 180 days, they won’t even need a visa.

Care in Canada is equal to or superior to that in the US. For example:

    There are 20% more nurses and 10% more hospital beds per 1000 population in Canada Canada’s in-hospital mortality rate is 33% lower Canada has lower mortality rates for senior patients (age 65+) Overall surgical satisfaction rates are comparable between the two countries. Canadian patients have higher survival rates for things like liver or kidney transplants, colorectal cancer, and childhood leukemia.

When it comes to medical costs, Canada is far ahead of the US with patients saving 30-60% of the costs. An average hospital stay in the US is $20,673 compared to $10,373 in Canada. Specialized treatments like coronary bypass can be as much as 80% higher in the US. Additionally, prescriptions and other medicines are significantly cheaper in Canada.


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