Hua Hin ferry: company upbeat as ferry begins charging

Hua Hin ferry: company upbeat as ferry begins chargingThe company running the Pattaya to Hua Hin ferry service is upbeat after what they say was a successful testing period in January. And they are saying that if all goes to plan a second vessel will be introduced on the route.

They have yet to release passenger numbers from the first day when charges were levied for tickets for the 113-kilometer journey on Wednesday. They said this would be announced shortly.

During January when the service was free, Royal Passenger Liner said that the Royal One catamaran always had at least 100 people aboard. Though they admitted it has the capacity for 346 passengers, they said that the service was well received by frequent travelers between the two resorts, as it represented a “quicker and safer way to travel”.

They said that if all goes to plan and the first phase of operation is a success, they will introduce another vessel to the service.

For now, there is a special promotion for the “Love Month” of February of just 999 baht rather than the usual 1,250 baht they will charge later. First-class passengers are paying 1,299 and a cabin for eight VIPs is available for 14,000 baht per trip.

An official opening party is scheduled forFeb. 11-12 Manager Online


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