Types of Procedures

Types of ProceduresFrom dental work to cosmetic surgery, there is a wide range of medical procedures offered in Costa Rica.

The second word in the phrase “medical tourism” is important. Traveling to Costa Rica for a medical procedure also allows you to explore a foreign land. Costa Rica is a vibrant country that draws people from around the world. They come to hike in its rainforests, lounge along its beaches, and relax in its hot springs. It is also a place with more biodiversity than most everywhere on Earth—during your time here, you may spot monkeys hanging from trees or herons walking through estuaries.

Costa Ricans, known locally as ticos, are friendly and approachable. They welcome visitors with a smile and are keenly interested in showing travelers their country. If you’ve never practiced Spanish outside a classroom, this is a good place to start. The people are patient and helpful with those who attempt to speak their language.

Aside from the natural and cultural attractions of Costa Rica, the country has top-notch recovery facilities and spas. These places offer a comfortable and supportive environment for patients to recover after a procedure. Many have 24-hour nursing services, all-inclusive meal plans, and massage parlors.

The waiting time for medical procedures in Costa Rica is minimal. As opposed to places like Canada where you may have to wait several months for surgery, procedures in Costa Rica can be arranged to fit your schedule. The doctors and clinicians are flexible and are sometimes willing to adjust their schedule to see a foreign patient.


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