Knowledge is Power (Click Here for Related Article )

Knowledge is Power (Click Here for Related Article )Renée-Marie Stephano, President of the Medical Tourism Association®, says certified training and education will be a matter of necessity for Health City Cayman Islands to sustain its place as a destination for medical travel.

Stephano said the proximity of the Cayman Islands to the United States and international recognition as a tourist destination gives Health City a leg up on the competition for medical travel dollars in the Caribbean. But, those attributes alone won’t guarantee sustained success.

“Beautiful beaches and a Caribbean-style vacation can only go so far to attract international patients,” said Stephano. “Competition for international patients is stiff. Savvy healthcare consumers with an eye toward travel have raised the bar on the quality of care they expect and the standards they seek. Ongoing education and training is certainly a critical factor for medical tourism patients to consider and a matter of necessity for healthcare providers to complete.”

Stephano said the Medical Tourism Association® is working with the government of Puerto Rico to implement a training program that will not only improve facility and professional standards on the island, but the overall patient experience as well.

”One poor patient experience – surgical outcomes on down to the selection of food — can hamper the reputation of a hospital and destination,” said Cristina Cardona. executive global program manager at the Medical Tourism Association®. “Airport-to-hotel transfers, lodging accommodations, translator services at the hospital, menus that are sensitive to cultural habits and sightseeing offerings are all components of the medical tourism package that only the proper training and education can identify, evaluate, and improve upon.”


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