Only 4 steps to perfect smile!

Only 4 steps to perfect smile!Agency (Ukraine)

Dear friends,

You’ve entered the website related to dental travel as a whole and this perspective trend in Ukraine. It is not a secret that dental insurance do not cover the full cost of dental care in the USA and Europe. Only very rich people can have all their teeth fully treated in America. In this matter simple calculation is always in favor of dental travel agency, for example, a simple plastic denture costs $1000 in the USA and only $160 in our clinic.

Every year more and more people decide to become a dental traveler and take a dental tour.

Reasonable prices for dental care do not mean poor quality of dental care. Price policy for dental care has not achieved its peak in this area. Medical insurance is undeveloped. Minimal salary does not reach $100. This situation is hard for native Ukrainians but a good chance for a dental traveler to have a great smile at a profit.

Of course, there are underlying potential problems as in any business. It is impossible to predict all of them beforehand. You are not just buying goods from Internet. You are taking online consultation. Doctor will objectively evaluate your situation and confirm treatment plan only at the personal meeting with you. It means that there can be minor changes in any ideal preliminary treatment plan.

See all dental travel details in special articles in Dental Travel Agency (Ukraine) website.


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