Why are patients opting for medical tourism?

Why are patients opting for medical tourism?An American patient requiring bypass surgery can expect to pay around the region of $100,000, if they choose to do the surgery elsewhere say, in Mexico, he/ she would pay only $4,000 for the very same procedure! This startling difference is one of the main incentives for patients to seek treatment abroad, in the field of medical tourism. Medical tourism offers diversified treatments, it accounts not only for complex heart surgery, but also for elective surgery, such as a facelift.

Today, the medical tourism industry is flourishing; many patients are opting for medical treatment abroad mainly due to the high cost in their home country, insurance not covering costs, or inaccessibility (or lack of availability) of particular diagnostic or treatment procedures. International patients (medical tourists) can receive the very same procedure in a shorter period and at a relatively cheaper cost than what they expect to pay in their home country. Patients traveling abroad avoid long waiting lists, and can find highly regarded medical institutions that offer quality services with the latest medical equipment and top doctors.

In addition, most medical facilities around the world have or are in the process of obtaining international medical accreditation to demonstrate to international patients their high quality and safety protocols. Most hospitals further assist foreign patients by offering translation services to eliminate any possible language-barriers; some even offer a medical coordinator that fully assists the patient throughout their medical procedure. Depending on the location, hospital and treatment package. patients can enjoy VIP-like treatment, stay in fully equipped private rooms during their procedure, all while having a holiday – speeding up the recovery process.


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