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Our HospitalsMedical tourism is the act of leaving your own area to receive medical treatment, both in the US as well as abroad. Why would people choose to go travel for treatment when medical care is available very close to home for most of us? The answer lies in Cost and Quality.

In today’s economy, fewer and fewer people can afford health care; it is estimated that over 43 million people in the United States are without medical coverage and nearly three times that number do not have dental coverage. Many median income, middle-class families are forced to pay overwhelmingly high deductibles if they have health insurance at all. To avoid the high cost of healthcare that is available very close to home, some may choose to travel for medical treatment abroad or in the US.

In addition, self insured employers may also choose to add corporate medical travel to their benefits plan. With this option, significant reductions on the cost of healthcare are a possibility. WorldMed Assist provides all the services to make self funded medical travel an easy reality.

From heart surgery to knee replacements and dental treatment, more people are taking their medical needs greater distances. The savings for those who choose medical travel can be considerable. Combine saving money on healthcare with getting very high quality healthcare and no waiting times and medical tourism becomes a viable option for patients.

One of the most popular countries to visit for medical tourism is Mexico. Mexico’s medical professionals are often as skilled with modern technology as those in the US, but the cost of medical services is typically much lower. Mexico has become a prime medical tourism destination; with its skilled medical professionals and lower costs for major medical procedure. It is also well-known for its bone marrow transplants, cancer therapy, open-heart surgery, hip and knee replacement and dentistry. Other popular countries for medical tourism include Costa Rica, Belgium, Turkey and India.

Many countries that cater to medical tourists have established clinics and hospitals staffed with American and European physicians to help ensure patients are as comfortable during their medical treatment abroad. There are more than fifty countries that are currently defining medical tourism through a medical travel agency as one of their major national industries.

A new trend is Domestic Medical Travel: WorldMed Assist has been able to find high quality hospitals inside the US that are able to provide medical discounts that are close to those found outside of the US.

With the growing interest in medical treatment abroad, medical tourism companies have formed to assist patients and tourists make the connections needed for a successful medical treatment abroad. For patients looking for longer medical vacation or just a medical treatment abroad, contacting a medical tourism company is an option that makes finding a health center, booking a flight and securing a hotel room much simpler. A good medical tourism company acts as a personalized medical travel agency, where nurse case managers assist patients through the medical travel process. Not only will they help to find a hospital that specializes in the procedures being sought, but many excellent medical travel companies will also arrange air travel, hotel and hospital stay.

Seeking the help of medical tourism companies is a worthwhile investment for anyone who is in need of a costly medical procedure and wants to simplify their experience. It is important to find a medical tourism company that you trust and that is precisely what you will find with WorldMed Assist.

What is medical tourism at its finest? WorldMed Assist. Our services are beyond comparison and we will be with you every step of the way.


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