Cheap Plastic Surgery Cosmetic

Cheap Plastic Surgery CosmeticMany problems that disturb patients who have just had cosmetic surgery go away with time. Others* may require additional surgery for correction. Common errors:

Nose: When a doctor removes too much bone and cartilage from a nose, it must be rebuilt. Or, when cartilage and bone removal aren’t balanced properly on both sides, the nose appears to be asymmetrical. See plastic surgery for more information.

Eyelids: When too much skin has been removed from the upper eyelids, the patient can’t close the eyes properly. Related problem:

If the lower eyelid is pulled down because too much skin was removed, new skin may be grafted onto the area to correct it. Lesser problem: The surgeon has left a pouchiness or excess loose skin around the eyes. Remedy:

The operation must be redone to remove the excess skin.

Rule: It’s much easier to correct problems that result from too little being done than to correct problems where too much has been done.

What to do: Revisit the surgeon, who can help you determine if the problem is one that will pass in time. If the problem is obviously more serious and the surgeon is uncooperative, consult another doctor.

Way to prevent a problem beforehand:

Determine before undergoing surgery what the doctor’s attitude will be if the results are unsatisfactory. How: Ask questions. A reasonable bet is a doctor who says: If it can be made better, it will be.

Cosmetic Surgery For Men: Plastic surgeons are seeing a great increase in the number of men seeking cosmetic surgery including face lifts.

Next to eyelid surgery, it’s become the most commonly performed cosmetic operation chosen by men. The prognosis for good results varies dramatically with facial type. Certain facial types lend themselves far better to this surgery than others. People with well-defined longer faces, good bone structure, and well-defined necks are likely to have far more striking results from a face lift than will a person with a very short or nearly nonexistent neck, and a very rounded face. (Face-lifting involves the neck area in an important way because skin there has to be redraped and pushed upward to get rid of jowls.)

Optimum result: Look eight to ten years younger. Good surgery should not produce a masklike effect, the usual result of a surgeon’s effort to get the last millimeter of loose skin taken up. Aim: A plastic surgeon who goes for a natural look and who won’t try for maximum, or extreme, results.

Effect on beard: The beard area of the neck will move upward and back, with the result that there will be some space behind the ears that will have to be shaved. Sideburns will be somewhat closer to the ear. Incisions are in front of the ear, within a natural fold, and continuing upward into the scalp above the ear. Incision scars, when healed properly, are not normally noticeable. The recovery period is roughly two weeks. Swelling and discoloration of the neck and face will be mostly gone in this time. They should disappear completely in a month. Stitches in front of the ear are removed in five days’ time. Stitches in scalp are removed within 10 days to two weeks after the surgery.

Cost: Twenty-five hundred dollars to $3,500 for face lift alone. If additional corrective surgery is needed, such as the procedure to get rid of serious jowl problems, called “muscle sling,” the cost is greater. (At present, medical insurance generally will not cover the cost of this kind of purely cosmetic surgery.)

Other kinds of cosmetic surgery being done on men: Hair transplants and, to a far smaller degree, nose surgery.

Choosing a plastic surgeon: It is better to choose someone who is not limited to a particular cosmetic surgical procedure. Especially true in the choice of rhinoplasty surgeon. Reason: Surgeons renowned for their “noses” tend to give the same nose to everyone, regardless of facial structure.

Fat Reduction Plastic Surgery: Fat-reduction surgery removes a layer of fat.

But like any other major surgical procedure, there are real hazards, not the least of which is that the result may not be what you imagined.

There are three commonly performed types of fat-reduction surgery. All three require hospital stays of up to a week and are performed under a general anesthetic.

Tummy tucks. (Abdomenplasty): This operation is major abdominal surgery and is equivalent to a gall-bladder operation. In this procedure, the surgeon removes fat and skin down to the abdominal muscles. The cosmetic change in appearance comes mostly from the removal of loose skin. Tummy tucks are most effective when performed on people who have lost a great deal of weight or women who have loose, stretched-out skin following pregnancy. The natural elasticity of their skin has been lost, thus creating folds of loose skin, which the surgeon removes. The prominent scar is usually placed at the pubic hairline. The pain is similar to any major operation, but rapidly lessens after the first day or two. Normal activity can be resumed, with caution, in ten days to two weeks. Insurance:

It generally covers the hospital stay (four to five days) and a portion of the surgeon’s fee.

Thighs and britches. (Lipodystophy): For people with excess tissue on the upper thigh (called riding-britches). Like an abdomenplasty, this leaves big dark scars in the creases of the upper thighs, prominent enough to be visible in a high-cut bathing suit, but not in a pair of shorts. Insurance: It usually does not cover the cost of the hospital stay (five to seven days) or the surgeon’s fee.

Breast-reduction surgery. (Gynomasta): Up to six pounds of fatty tissue can be removed. The scar runs around the nipple and down past the areola. Insurance: It usually covers the cost of the entire procedure for women. Since very few men suffer from the discomfort of very large breasts, it is difficult to get an insurance company to cover.

How to decide if plastic surgery is for you:

Choose the surgeon very carefully. See before-and-after pictures of other patients. Get recommendations from friends. Be wary of doctors who promise miracles and tiny scars. Such promises can rarely be kept.

There will be prominent scars. Before having the surgery, you must decide which really bothers you more-sagging skin or visible scars.

The surgeon cannot change your basic appearance. The only thing he can do is alter it.

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Practicing the art of plastic surgery

We admit that our prices might not be the lowest for every single treatment on the market, BUT instead choose on delivering the best overall results at very competitive rates especially when compared to the costs of doing the same treatment back in Australia, UK or the North America. Chasing the cheapest options is not always a good decision. Especially for something as obvious and permanent as physical alterations and enhancements via Aesthetic Surgeries.

Finding the cheapest doctors for surgery is not a good idea no matter which country you are in/from. Over the years, we have established fundamental guidelines for all our nationwide network of doctors to ensure that our patients receive the absolute best healthcare possible during their medical holiday in Thailand. Our value driven prices are generally reflective of the caliber of Doctors and dedicated anaesthesiologists that are needed to perform successful surgeries. Our testimonials from previous patients are just a sample of what you can expect by going with an established and reputable company with years of successful results on their resume.

If you or a loved one are considering having medical treatments in Thailand please feel free to contact us to ensure you are in good hands and working with the most qualified medical professionals for your specific needs.

We are the only 100% independent healthcare administrator in the country and will be happy to assist you even if you decide on choosing another facility within the Kingdom of Thailand.

Patient Safety Above All Else

Please remember that plastic surgery itself does not have to be very risky or even dangerous. You should always ask potential clinics the right questions to make sure you have satisfactory answers.

To learn more about Board certified & reputable cosmetic surgeons in Thailand please contact us today.

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