Health Tourism vs. Spa & Wellness Holidays

Health Tourism vs. Spa & Wellness HolidaysSpain is fast becoming the premier European destination for both health & medical tourism and spa & wellness holidays. The two sectors are very different, with tourists from each segment having contrasting needs and interests.

Health or Medical Tourism: Concerns visitors who travel outside of their own country to receive treatment for an ailment or medical condition, or for cosmetic surgery. They are generally looking for quicker and lower cost healthcare, or just better care than they believe they will receive at home. Any organisation or company involved in the Health Tourism sector will employ fully licenced medical professionals and procedures are carried out in a registered medical facility.

Spa and Wellness Tourism: Concerns visitors who book time away from home to improve their personal wellbeing, to relax and seek preventative therapies to boost their overall health and quality of life. This type of holiday is normally booked as a package within a spa or wellness hotel or resort.


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