10. Costa Rica (No. of medical tourists per year: 50,000)

Bronze Sponsor: One World Global

10. Costa Rica (No. of medical tourists per year: 50,000)World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress would like to announce One World Global as a Bronze Sponsor for the 2nd Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Health Congress in 2009! We look forward to having them Sponsor and Exhibit!

OneWorld Global Healthcare Solutions, a consulting company committed to creating a worldwide healthcare solution. Our background and experience is in working with large U. S. and worldwide employers, healthcare carriers and the U. S. retail market. Our services will ensure that your organization will understand what large U. S. employers are looking for in healthcare solutions, how to package those solutions and how to successfully market your services to U. S. employers and healthcare carriers. In addition we help our clients identify retail market hotspots and create campaigns to reach those target markets.

The current healthcare crisis presents abundant opportunity for those offering solutions.

The Tripod of participants; Healthcare carriers and Delivery Systems, Large Employers, and Governments, must work together to design optimum solutions.

Global Healthcare, of which Medical Tourism is a major component, is a major contributor to any solution. For Physician Groups, Professional Healthcare Givers, and Hospitals seeking to become part of a global healthcare solution, they have to market themselves to healthcare carriers, large employers, and governments.

Our services can help our clients become major components of the solution and fall into five main categories:

· Consulting Services For Governments, Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Tourism Companies who want to expand worldwide

· Media/Public Relations Service Communications plans targeting specific audiences and markets

· Marketing Assistance Brand building services that speak to your target markets

Marketing Workshops Customized assistance for specific market penetration goals

Training and Performance Solutions – Identify and manage the information, knowledge and skills required to support your business objectives


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