AHEPA, A PIONEER TO MEDICAL TOURISMThe University Hospital of AHEPA in Thessaloniki, a pioneer in the public sector, with renowned universally accepted Clinics, and highly educated medical and nursing stuff, has made great moves towards medical tourism. It was the decision of the Board of Directors to participate in the NHS Family Choice program Medical Tourism in Greece with the intention to provide information about health care opportunities of British citizens in Greece. AHEPA participates in the program with the following Clinics:

Patients are welcome to choose among many 5-star available hotels, that operate in conjunction with our Hospital, offering holiday packages in special prices, as well as free transport between the hotel1 and AHEPA Hospital.

Patients should refer to the home page of AHEPA Hospital, where there’s a link to the NHS Family Choice Program, with useful information about the program.

For the above mentioned activity of the Hospital there’s constant everyday interest among Greeks residing outside Greece, through the website of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (www. sae. gr ).


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