Tourism, branding and 55 logos

Tourism, branding and 55 logos1.6K

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Tourism has become one of the most profitable industries. As the interests differs from one individual to another (culinary tourism, cultural tourism, or ordinary see sighting) so does the need for differentiation of those entities or countries. In an attempt to position themselves on a specific niche, they also have to create a visual identity; an identity that we are going to look at only from the logo point of view.

Here we have 55 logos that represent, or at list try to do that, the tourism industry in a specific country.

Martyn says:

Really great list Sergiu, interesting to see how many could be straight out of a logo design trends list. Especially some of the new ones.

Greece, I know times are hard, but come on! How long has that style logo been around for? Looks like a bog-standard corporate logo from clip-art. Same goes for Argentina, bit more elegant, but looks like some run-of-the-mill tech company.

Always a difficult thing, to do something fresh that also says something about your country and it’s culture.

For my money I like the Mexico one (really nice use of Aztec designs in a clean font with good colours), Japan (classy, simple and elegant), Indonesia (not as simple, but still elegant design) and New Zealand (just an original logo that I can imagine works well on all kinds of media).

Some are good looking logos that are very on trend (Brazil, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland). A quick look at ‘logo trends’ and you will see most, if not all these styles. Which makes me think they may look a little out of date in a few years. Better to go with something original and classic and stick with it (Spain for instance).

Just for balance I’m not a big fan of my own country’s logo.

Shall we enact a Geneva convention banning child-like handwriting or drawings in tourism logos. o)

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