How Much Does it Cost

How Much Does it CostThere is no doubt that having hip surgery abroad can save you a substantial sum of money compared with self funding private care in the UK. Treatment Abroad’s 2008 global survey of hip replacement surgery compared prices to that of the UK average – ВЈ8,000. The cheapest overseas equivalent were in Bulgaria, Tunisia and Poland all at around ВЈ3,000. A massive saving indeed.

Of course that’s not the end of the story as the prices quoted only include hospital and doctor’s charges. You will need to budget for travel, hotel stays and for someone to travel with you. Again Keith emphasises the need to ask questions. “Be clear about how long the hospital expects you to stay in-country, how much rehabilitation is included in the fee and how soon it would be safe to fly home.”

To save themselves from unexpected bills many people are opting for an all inclusive package. These often have a holiday tacked on and what better way to recuperate and stay near the hospital in those crucial first weeks post-surgery. It may even be cheaper for you to continue having post-operative physiotherapy overseas then returning to the UK and paying privately for it.


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