Placing a request

Placing a requestYou can place a first inquiry that is free of charge and non-binding by entering your diagnosis, disorders, preferred hospital and your destination area. We will translate your request, data and documents at no charge and seek the best offers for you.

1. Cost-free request for proposal

Every request is free of charge and will be handled as quickly as possible. The more detailed and comprehensive your request is, the better we can react to it. Together with your request, you can send us all your findings in written form and as images. We will prepare them for the German doctors at no charge. If you do not have findings or if they are not accessible to you at the moment, you can, of course, also contact us at any time. We will get back to you by phone or email in less than 24 hours on weekdays.

2. Data synchronization

Once we have received your inquiry, you will get a confirmation of the receipt of your request. Then your data are surveyed in strict confidence and in compliance with the applicable German data protection law, and they are processed, analyzed and translated for the physicians. After that the doctors and clinics can be contacted with the material that we carefully prepare for you. All people involved (employees of Junisa, interpreters, medical staff, etc.) are bound by medical/patient confidentiality.

3. Choice of clinic and physician

Junisa searches for those hospitals and doctors that are best suited to your particular case and your individual diagnosis. The choice of clinics and physicians is made by our experts that all have many years of experience in this area. Our experience of 20 plus years, our thorough research regarding ideal and modern treatment methods as well as our long-term collaborations with the best clinics of the country allow us to choose the optimum solution for you. Our case managers usually already know – after examining your documents – which physician can treat you in the best way and offer you a medical appointment as soon as possible.

4. Reply of the clinic and interpreting services

Once the appropriate hospital has been contacted, the contract is concluded. We want you to be up-to-date regarding the whole process from the beginning, and we guarantee you full transparency. Therefore, two different contracts will be concluded with us: on the one hand, an agreement (independent from us) between you and the hospital in which you want to be treated. It includes the payment of all your medical treatments. On the other hand, a service contract between you and us will be elaborated, which includes the support by an interpreter, an organization fee as well as required additional services. Many hospitals in Europe insist that their foreign patients arrive with an interpreter. Therefore, we provide you with interpreters that can be booked flexibly on an hourly basis for medical appointments. All agreements and offers are translated for you into Russian.

5. Your stay

At this point, it also starts for you: Together we will organize your medical stay. We arrange for you all appointments in our clinics, we organize the required medical referrals, help you book your flights and accommodation, pick you up from the airport and organize accommodation for your family.

6. Your treatment

It is especially important to us that our patients always feel well taken care of and comfortable during their stay abroad. For your medical care, we offer a one-to-one support by our experienced interpreters who are specialized in medicine. This service can be flexibly scheduled according to your needs. During your treatment, an interpreter will accompany you to all important rounds and appointments. Upon request, your interpreter will wait for you in the recovery room, so that the communication with nurses and doctors does not represent an obstacle at any time – just as you please. You can reach one of our employees via our emergency telephone at any time at day and night – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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