7 Popular Medical Tourism Destinations

7 Popular Medical Tourism DestinationsAre you experiencing difficulties in searching for a local hospital that can treat your condition? For some people, facing these kinds of challenges can take a huge toll on their emotional and physical well-being. They tend to lose hope, and fear for their lives. While it is understandable to bear such feelings, it is highly recommended that you don’t dwell on negative emotions, and just look on the bright side.

(Credits: Lead Finder) If you can’t really find the right hospital in your area, you should go on a medical trip abroad. Most health institutions overseas boast of experienced staff and state of the art tools that can help treat your sickness. In addition, seeing new sceneries can also help in speeding up your recovery. If you haven’t tried this before, here are the most recommended medical tourism destinations around the globe.

Israel – Aside from having a rich culture, Israel also features expert physicians and large medical facilities, making them one of the highly popular medical tourist destinations in the Middle East. The experts here are adept at cancer treatment, orthopedics, and plastic surgeries. People also take a dip in the Dead Sea to treat some of their medical conditions.

Its name might be a little bit misleading, but its waters actually have healing properties that are effective against rheumatologic and dermatological ailments. Hospitals are also very accessible here. It is easy to find medical services in Israel 2 mins from the beach, so you won’t have any problems when facing emergencies.

Costa Rica – If you are looking for cheap but quality treatments, you can fly to Costa Rica. They have this universal health care system called Caja that only costs around $30 $90 a month. It may look small, but it can actually cover the fees for your prescription, tests, surgeries and consultations with your doctors.

(Credits: Lead Finder)

Taiwan – This small country in Asia boast of 22 medical centers that are accredited by the Joint Commission International – an American based organization that aims to check the quality of hospitals around the globe. Taiwan is known for their cosmetic surgeries, which is cheaper compared to that in America.

Turkey – In 2012, more than 110,000 tourists have visited this destination to seek medical treatment. The Patients Beyond Borders organization lists Turkey as the seventh most popular hub for medical tourism. Amongst other nations, they have the most number of hospitals that are accredited by the United States. You can visit Turkey if you want to have your eyes checked, or if you want to undergo an eye-related surgery.

Brazil – Want to get a face lift or nose job without spending too much money? Then you should definitely visit Brazil. As one of the leading destinations for cosmetic surgery, it has 4,500 licensed cosmetic experts and still counting. Getting a rhinoplasty (nose job) in this country costs 60% less compared to other destinations. Some hospitals even offer plastic surgery to pets.

India – For complex operations like lung surgery, or coronary bypass treatment, India has the best experts that can help you out. What’s good is that they offer these services at an affordable rate.

Singapore – Similar to Israel, Singapore is also known for their innovative cancer treatment and health care system. They have 22 facilities that are recognized by the Joint Commission International.

These are just some of the best places to visit if you want to book a medical trip abroad.


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