Medical Tourism Insurance

Medical Tourism InsuranceMedical Tourism Insurance January 14th, 2015 Jeff Persinger

Medical Tourism Insurance

There are risks associated with any surgery, and possibly more risk in utilizing a foreign healthcare system or hospital. But the good news is that such risk can be mitigated through the purchase of Medical Tourism Insurance. While GHA is not an insurance company, we still know of a great insurance company that offers affordable, specific insurance that helps the Medical Tourist. Seven Corners is just such a company.

While having insurance does not lower the chances of suffering complications from a medical or dental procedure, having the proper insurance does transfer some of the additional costs onto the insurer, should damages occur. The insurance we suggest is designed specifically for the medical traveler and we believe is the best way to offset financial risk. Consider the purchase of insurance: it will increase the total cost of a medical tour by about 6% or less. Clients should note this small, additional cost will alleviate a lot of stress associated with their travels.

Please take note of the special insurance package put together by Seven Corners, who offer medical travel insurance for medical tourism travelers.

Seven Corners is the industry’s leading medical tourism insurance provider, insuring more than 6 million travelers worldwide each year. They offer many products for the the traveler, including “medical tourism” or “global” travel. Just click here to reach the Seven Corners “Contact” webpage.

The Seven Corners “medical tourism” trip insurance is known as BordercrossWorldwide SM and offers the following coverage:

    Medical Complications Coverage up to $50,000, while abroad and upon return Up to $40,000 in trip cancellation coverage for the traveler (and for traveling companion) for travel accommodations, including non-refundable expenses paid to the medical facility scheduled to perform the procedure, in the event it is necessary to cancel a trip prior to the scheduled departure date Up to $100,000 in medical evacuation coverage $50,000 of Medical Coverage for acute illness and injuries for the insured and their traveling companion, which may arise on a medical tour Coverage extended Worldwide – to including the United States Travel assistance services with 24/7/365 accessibility Underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s, London Administrated by Seven Corners, providing international medical coverage since 1993

The Next Step

Please click on the following link to register – and get that final, but important, last bit of protection:

Remember, the Global Health Alliance is not an insurance company, but our Client Service Reps still stand by to consult you on how the use of such insurance can offset many of the financial risks associated with Medical Tourism. Please contact us to speak to a Client Service Representative.


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