All Inclusive Packages

All Inclusive PackagesPart of the Med Journeys offering is that our consultants provide clients with a “one-stop-shop ” solution for all medical and travel-related components. We want you to focus on your procedure and leave the rest to us!

We offer flexible and guaranteed,“All-Inclusive” packages. which are comprised of key components; VIP/Premium Concierge Service and Medical. Each and every client of ours enjoys all components as a part of their All-inclusive package.

Prices, Rates and Fares

Price rates are in the United States Dollar (USD). Prices are subject to change at anytime prior to departure.

I have fully read and considered all of the term and statements contained in the Release of Liability/Disclaimer before affixing my signature.

I fully understand and intend this user agreement to be the legal equivalent of a signed, written contract between you and Oasis Medical Retreat, LLC, and equally binding.

If you don’t agree to the terms contained in this Agreement, please exit the Site immediately.

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