Medical Tourism and Cosmetic Surgery in Australia

Medical Tourism and Cosmetic Surgery in AustraliaWhen it comes to medical tourism, Australia has been losing millions of dollars every year to countries such as Thailand, Germany and India who are becoming more aggressive in their drive for medical tourism.

Australia was named by Forbes to be one of the top spots for medical tourism, but this was concentrated on cardio, neuro and orthopaedic surgeries. As for cosmetic surgeries, the country was overshadowed by Thailand and Malaysia. Americans and even Australian’s themselves are opting to go abroad to get elective surgical treatment.

According to the report that was commissioned by Australia’s Federal Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism in 2011, the country could actually excel in the field of cosmetic surgery. But what is currently happening here is that the direction of patients is going one way, and that is out of the country.

However, there is still an area where cosmetic surgery tourism in Australia is earning, this is the agents who organize package tours.

The agencies are work by booking surgeons for clients and organize pretty much everything for their trip, from flights, accommodation and sight-seeing trips. Most of those who are handling these are women who have also travelled abroad for cosmetic surgery.

According to Daniela Pratico, who is the director of the Sydney-based company Medi Makeovers, the client demographic that they handle vary. It can range from 20-25 year-old women who travel by groups to get breast enhancements done. In some instances they also cater to 25-40 year-old moms who want to get mommy makeovers which usually comprises of breast lifts and tummy tucks.

Meanwhile, for those who are approaching their golden age, they are looking for surgical anti-aging procedures abroad such as facelifts.

A major concern that she had to address was the backlash that medical tourism had. One of this was that it may not always provide safe and optimum treatment, which could end up damaging the patient’s body instead of enhancing it. With this, Pratico see to it that she is extremely careful about the surgeons and hospitals that she recommends to the patients.

But it is true, there is always that risk when one opts to have surgery done outside of the country. According to Dr. Rodney Cooter, who is the president of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, “Complications can occur even with the best surgery. ”

Recuperation is an ongoing process and it can take a long time to finish. To this, Dr. Cooter says that they monitor some patients for 18 months after the surgery.

This may be very helpful when it comes to pointing out problems ahead of time should complications arise. But it is also true that cosmetic surgery conducted anywhere in the world is still at risk for complications. But Dr. Cooter said that it is still the safest option to have it done in Australia.

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