Medical tourism centers in Israel

Medical tourism centers in IsraelOn the territory of Israel there are about 70 public and private health centers, opens its doors for both Israelis and foreign citizens.

    Clinic “Assuta” (Tel Aviv). It is an innovative Medical Center, opened in 2009 in one of the most beautiful cities in Israel. Today Assuta considered advanced medical and scientific institution in the Middle East region and the world. Patients involved physicians who were trained in major Western clinics. Separate comfortable chamber equipped with a network of Wi-Fi, cable TV and other amenities. All this makes complex Assuta excellent choice for medical tourism in Israel. Clinic “Ichilov” (Tel Aviv). One of the largest public medical centers in Israel. Founded in 1963, Ichilov hospital has accumulated a wealth of practical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. In particular, the doctors of the center specialize in oncological diseases, women’s health and in cardiac surgery. Clinic Herzliya (Herzliya). This private medical center has modern equipment that allows annually tens of thousands of sophisticated high-tech operations. Doctors clinics specialize in the field of oncology, neurosurgery and endoscopy. It is important to note that the medical center first of all clinics in the country received a certificate in the field of medical tourism in Israel. Hadassah Medical Center (Jerusalem). This university complex, which includes two large clinics of the same name in Jerusalem. Although their leadership engaged in non-profit organization Hadassah Medical, they are equipped with the latest technology and every year receive treatment at tens of thousands of patients.

Coordination Center IsraelHospital works with leading clinics in Israel, which have gained tremendous experience in the diagnosis and treatment of various, even the most severe, disease.


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