Spa, Health and Wellness Tourism in Croatia

Spa, Health and Wellness Tourism in CroatiaThe health and wellness tourism has only recently begun to develop in Croatia. The largest wellness centers in Croatia include the one within the ‘Solaris’ hotel complex in Šibenik . It comprises six heated pools, two of them with seawater heated to 28 degrees Celsius. The indoor freshwater pools and underwater massages have a temperature of 30 degrees and provide, among other things, the possibility of massage by underwater geysers, counter-current swimming and falls..

The Terme Tuhelj Spa Hotel . is situated around forty kilometres north west of Zagreb. in a valley surrounded by green hills of Zagorje and wonderful landscapes. This spa facility has had a historical reputation since the Roman era. The benefits of thermal waters and peloid mud created at the very source are of priceless importance for the human organism. They have a healing effect on rheumatic diseases, bone and joint injuries, gynecological problems and work as a successful combination in battling cellulite.

The Varaždinske Toplice spa is the oldest thermal spa in Croatia. The thousand-year tradition of using thermal sulfuric water and healing peloids from a natural source is the basis for the operation of the Special Medical Rehabilitation Hospital Varaždinske Toplice with 973 beds in four interconnected facilities. The offer includes wellness programs, health programs, retirees’ holidays, weekend programs for women and weekend programs for men. The customers of Varaždinske Toplice can also practice Nordic walking and Pilates, as well as isokinetic diagnostics and exercises on special Cybex devices used in the most renowned rehabilitation and sport centers in the world.

The Krapinske Toplice spa has a long tradition in healing by therapeutic thermal sources of water.Private clinic Magdalena . the first special hospital for cardiovascular surgery and cardiology was established in Krapinske Toplice. A complex of indoor swimming pools and wellness facilities should open by the end of 2008, as well as numerous private apartments and a small family aparthotel. The wonderful surroundings, the hills of Zagorje with traditional offerings, typical Zagorje houses, castles and preserved nature additionally contribute to this region’s offer. Hotel Aquae Vivae with its 245 beds offers comfortable accommodation. The medical programs are based on application of natural therapeutic agents (therapeutic hyper-thermal water and natural healing mud) and application of all modern procedures of physical medicine and rehabilitation.


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