India International Medical Tourism Congress-2015 (IIMTC)

India International Medical Tourism Congress-2015 (IIMTC)IIMTC is to be conducted at New Delhi from 20th to 21st November-2015. IIMTC is the only medical tourism and global healthcare conference in India

The second edition of India International Medical Tourism Congress (IIMTC) is scheduled to be conducted at New Delhi from 20th to 21st November-2015. This is the only medical tourism and global healthcare conference of its kind in India. It serves as a platform for all the key stakeholders of the medical tourism industry including the government authorities to meet together, share knowledge and develop networks which can considerably lift the medical tourism industry as a whole.

This is the only medical tourism and global healthcare conference of its kind in India. This conference will provide an opportunity to attract medical tourists to India from all over the world. The International India Medical Tourism Congress will address some of the most important medical tourism issues including international health and the law. Issues such as dealing with international medical care, jurisdiction, complications, insurance coverage and several other legal issues will be discussed. Our aim is to develop a network with global players in the medical industry along with top international hospitals, medical tourism facilitators, international insurance companies and government officials. The conference will offer an opportunity to interact with leaders in the medical tourism industry, as well as form both local and global partnerships. A platform to exhibit and view the latest advancements and innovations in healthcare facilities and services. An opportunity to learn more about consumers, their cultures, customs and expectations. it will provide an opportunity to explore and possibly benchmark the quality of services provided to patients. It’s going to be a platform to discover the business opportunities.

The main benefits of attending India International Medical Tourism Congress (IIMTC) is to assess market forces growth and the future of medical tourism, network with leading local and international medical travel specialists. Discover market potential for cross border health tourism, learn how to develop a market for medical tourists at your hospital or medical care facility, explore effective marketing strategies in order to establish medical travel hubs.

The key factors driving health tourism in India are the key selling points of the medical tourism industry are its cost effectiveness, growth of modern technology with international advancements and the simple yet attractive idea of tourism. Several tourism partners offer appealing treatment methods through various spa and wellness facilities. Renowned hotels also pitch in with quality packages at affordable prices, highly skilled and experienced physicians and healthcare specialists are easily available, quality nursing facilities available for medical care meet the highest global standards, well trained interpreters and facilitator, Favorable exchange rates and cheaper international air travel, Emergence of super specialty hospitals in major cities. There are many well qualified doctors and hospitals in India. Medical procedures often cost much less in India compared to the US, Europe and other western countries. Even the cost of travel and accommodation is substantially less.

India has generated a vast market for wellness and spa. The country has witnessed major growth in this sectoring order to serve the immense demand. The Key factors that driving wellness and spa in India are as per the Ministry of Tourism, wellness centers include spas, Ayurveda centers, yoga and naturopathy enters, fitness centers and skin care centers, among others. The Ministry has also devised incentives for accredited wellness centers and Ayurveda hospitals to promote this segment, Wellness and spa centers provide body care services using natural products and encourage a healthy lifestyle through methods developed over several years of research, India’s Spa industry is witnessing an increase in demand of indigenous spa facilities which boast modern design and include a combination of western and traditional therapies, India has a number of World Heritage sites that attract tourists and medical tourists alike. the promotion of health tourism in India often leads to heritage tourism getting a boost as well.

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