Why Medical Tourism?

Why Medical Tourism?Medical tourism abroad has become popular over the years as the cost of healthcare has increased substantially in developed countries like Australia.

As per Medicare Australia guidelines they quote that “Medical and hospital services that are not clinically necessary, or surgery solely for cosmetic reasons are not covered under Medicare” So as a result aesthetic treatments like Fat Grafting, Breast Augmentation, Reduction, Tightening & Shaping, Male Breast Reduction Surgery, Nose Reshaping/Rhinoplasty, Tummy Tuck, plastic Surgery Following Massive Weight Loss, Face Lift, Chin, Cheek & Lip Augmentation/Reduction, Eyelid Surgery, Endoscopic Facial Plastic Surgery & Brow Lift, Hair Transplant, Botox, Fillers, Laser Rejuvenation, Thread Lift, knee replacement, hip replacement and dental implants are not covered under Medicare. Even if some of the treatments are partially covered my medicare or private insurance you still end up spending quite a lot out of your pocket.

Medical tourism abroad is tied up with hospitals in Asia which offers cost effective treatments with no waiting period by world renowned doctors and physicians with international certifications and experience. The patients get high class healthcare at state of the art hospitals in India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.


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