On Target

On TargetWhen the medical tourism strategy was first announced in 2012, its aim was to attract 500,000 health tourists by 2020, generating Dh2.6bn ($707.7m) in revenues. In October 2015 Dr Layla Mohamed Al Marzouqi, the director of health regulation and the Dubai medical tourism project at the Dubai Health Authority, said that in the first half of the year, 16 private hospitals in Dubai had treated 256,097 medical tourists, generating revenues of Dh1bn ($272.2m) in six months. Of those patients 33% were Asian, 27% European and 23% from neighbouring Arab countries and the GCC. It was stressed that this data had been supplied by 16 of the 26 private hospitals in Dubai, and that it did not capture the wider scope of services provided by clinics and wellness centres. In 2015 Dubai attracted a total of 630,833 international and domestic medical tourists, generating around Dh1.5bn ($418.5m) in revenues, with 47% of the tourists being international.


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