Health Care System

Health Care Providers

Health Care SystemHealth care in Poland is delivered through a publicly funded health care system, which is free for all citizens of Poland. The government provides free healthcare for children, pregnant women, disabled people and elderly. Furthermore, there are many private hospitals offering health care in Poland as well as a wide range of specialized physicians, especially in bigger cities.


In Poland subsidized health services are provided to Polish residents by the general health insurance. In order to offer health services the insurance company has to be registered with the NFZ (Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia). EU/EEA citizens are also entitled to use the Polish health care by using the European Health Insurance Card.

General Medical Tourism Information

A growing number of foreigners are taking advantage of the affordable, high quality healthcare in Poland. Recently the Polish Government started to focus on medical tourism due to some funding programs of the European Union. The membership in the EU enables Poland to show the excellent healthcare provided at affordable costs. There is a long tradition of medical studies in Poland especially in Krakow. Kazimierz Wielki (Casimir the Great) of Poland founded the prestigious Jagiellonian University in 1364 which includes three faculties of the Medical College within its structure.

Poland can make use of its beautiful landscape to compete with destinations all over the world.


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