Dental tourism Cuba

Dental tourism CubaCuba has been a popular medical tourism destination for more than 40 years. Thousands of patients travel to Cuba, particularly from Latin America and Europe, attracted by the “fine reputation of Cuban doctors, the low prices and nearby beaches on which to recuperate. In 2006, Cuba attracted nearly 20,000 health tourists. The Cuban government has developed Cuban medical tourism to generate income for the country. Residents of Canada, the UK and most other countries can travel to Cuba without any difficulty a tourist visa is generally required. For Americans, however, because of the US trade policy towards Cuba, travelers must either obtain US government approval, or, more frequently, travel to Cuba from Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, Jamaica or the Dominican Republic. Cuban immigration authorities do not stamp the passports of US visitors so that Americans can keep their travels a private matter.

Clinica Central Cira Garcia

Clinica Central Cira Garcia attract people from across the United States who travel up here for a good dental tourism services. Soon we will be packaging a transport service which will take particular directly from our clinic to San Diego.

Services offered:

    Cosmetic Dentistry Dentures Root Canals Family Dentistry Implants Braces Gum Disease Dental Restorations & more

For more details call:

(537) 204 2811


Servimedcuba has over 17 years of expertise in international medical services, at par travel and resorts, hotels and clinic. It belongs to the Cubanacan S. A. travel company, a specialized healthcare provider!

Services offered:

    Fixed Teeth Replacement Dental Implants Cosmetic smile Designing Bone Grafting Gum Treatment & surgeries & more



Calle 43 No. 1418 esquina a Calle 18,


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