TOP 10 Most Popular Dental Tourism Destinations

TOP 10 Most Popular Dental Tourism DestinationsAdvertisements

Dental tourism is a relatively new industry around the world. It basically means that patients seek medical, in this case, dental treatment outside their home country. In the majority of these cases the reason is saving money. Many countries offer high quality dental care for much more affordable prices and even with the cost of flight plus accommodation it turn out 50 percent cheaper than is one’s home country.

There are certain trends around the world and countries that are popular destinations for dental treatment . In Europe the leading dental care providers are Hungary andPoland with thousands of patients from UK. France. Austria. seeking dental treatment each year. Similarly there is a trend for many years in the US and Canada. Citizens here are saving money by having more extensive dental work carried out it Mexico and Costa Rica. From Australia and New Zealand patients travel to Southeast Asia for dental treatment. Thailand is hard to beat in terms of affordable dental treatments .

Let’s see the most popular dental tourism destinations around the world.


Costa Rica


Argentina sees around one thousand patients coming for medical surgery of all types every month. Dental surgeries, implantation is also very common. It is not that close to the US but there are straight flights available. Buenos Aires has great free-time activities to offer which is important if you need to have more visits at the dentist and have free time in between the appointments. Theatre, culture, cafes and fine food will keep you entertained surely. Always do an extensive research before deciding with a clinic or dentist. The best is to check recommendations from other people.


Malaysia is one of the most popular destination among Australians for affordable dental work. Dentists in Malaysia work with the newest technology, and it is easy to find specialists in aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, gum surgery and implantology. Visit beautiful beaches or national parks to forget about the treatment.


Thailand is easy to access from everywhere around the world with plenty of international flights from Europe, Australia or North America. One of the best hospitals in Asia is The Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok. it treats 11.000 foreign patients in its dental centre every year. The hospital has over fifty dental specialists, half of them trained in the US, UK, Japan or Australia. The location is also perfect for relaxing holidays after leaving the dentist chair.

United Arab Emirates

Similarly to Thailand, Dubai is also easy to reach with great connecting flights from all around the world. The city is famed for the great shopping and nightlife scene and lately it found to be among the 10 best destinations for dental tourism. The most frequent patients are from US, Germany, Switzerland and UK.


Hungary is a leading dental care provider in Europe with booming dental tourism is a industry. The majority of the patient come from the UK, France andAustria . The process is smooth and professionally arranged. Once a patient lands in Budapest a driver waits him or her at the airport, takes them to the accommodation which can be also arranged by the dental clinic. Some clinics even have their own apartments, conveniently located near the clinic. Many Austrian patients seek dental treatment Hungarian cities close to the Austrian border. Have a look here for more information.



Spain has been a popular destination for UK, Irish and German citizens as a place for retirement due to the nice climate. The recently weakening economy means decreasing prices in dentistry also, attracting more and more patients each year. Here you can find a list of dental clinics in the country.

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Medical tourism — where patients struggling to afford or find the right treatment at home head overseas — is booming, with many countries jostling to offer high-quality health care at a good price. In 2013, around 900,000 Americans traveled overseas for treatment, according to Patients Beyond Borders, a provider of medical travel information. And that number looks set to increase: 50 million Americans were either uninsured or underinsured for health care in 2013, according to the U. S.’s Medical Tourism Resource Guide.

However, health tourism is not the preserve of Americans — around 8 million patients from across the world seek overseas treatment each year, contributing to a global industry worth $24-$40 billion, says Patients Beyond Borders.

Reasons other than cost to travel overseas for health care include better treatment, as well as avoiding long waiting lists and dodging questions from colleagues and family.

Dentistry and cosmetic treatments in particular are commonly sought abroad. Click ahead to learn more about some of the most popular destinations for health care tourism, according to providers including Patients Beyond Borders and consultancies such as Deloitte.


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