Medical Tourism Malaysia

Medical Tourism MalaysiaPopular For: Cardiovascular surgery, cosmetic surgery, dental care, eye surgery, general surgery, orthopedic, transplant surgery

Visa Requirements: A valid passport is required. US citizens do not need a visa.

Foreign visitors often choose Malaysia for medical treatment due to the low cost of procedures and care and also the attractive options available for the recuperation period. The Malaysian government is promoting the country as a medical tourism hub and all kinds of treatments are available at world class facilities including general and cosmetic surgery as well as high quality dental care.

Pros: Many private clinics and medical centers in Malaysia are well-equipped and staffed by highly-trained specialists and medical staff. In fact, Malaysian specialists rank among the best in the world in terms of training and expertise. In order for private facilities to operate they must be licensed by the Malaysian Ministry of Health and those marketing their services to foreigners will have achieved international certification standards. English is spoken at all of these facilities. In addition, the country’s capital acts as a major Asian transport centre, making getting here easy.

Currency exchange rates between the Malaysian currency and the US dollar make the country an affordable destination for medical tourists. Prices for surgery and accommodation compare very favorably with costs that would be incurred for similar treatments in western nations. Cardiac procedures draw a substantial number of patients to Malaysia. Costs in Malaysia for cardiac bypass surgery are typically US$6,000 to US$7,000, in comparison to in the US, where the same procedure runs as high as US$50,000 to US$125,000.

Cons: Terrorist activity can be a concern for visitors to Malaysia, as it can be with visits to any country in Southeast Asia. The state of Sabah in the east of the country is one place in particular that foreigners are warned about visiting. The risk of kidnapping is prevalent here, and tourists that want to enjoy diving off the coast of Sabah are advised to stay at resorts geared to western visitors and to use only recommended dive operators.


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