The Medical Tourism Guide for Peru

The Medical Tourism Guide for PeruAs health care costs in Northern America and Europe explode, the overall service there is declining and waiting lists are getting longer, more and more patients are looking for top quality, but affordable options abroad to get needed or desired medical treatment or check-ups.

In the last few years Peru developed into one of the leading providers of reasonably priced, high level medical care and offers medical tourists a wide range of procedures including affordable top notch dental care, first class cosmetic surgery and cutting edge health checks and scans.

Clinics catering for medical travelers work with of course English speaking, highly qualified medical staff, according to international standards and practices trained doctors and highly skilled surgeons. Patients can expect some of the most modern facilities in the world equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology. If necessary, medical centers also provide high-end aftercare facilities to ensure a successful recovery.

Even when taking the costs of flights and accommodation on top of the medical treatment into consideration, the entire trip to Peru for health care or surgery is in most cases less expensive than only the procedure back home; and if you believe it or not, the quality of services is often much better than that found in Northern America or Europe.

Face and Body Institute. Kraków

Medical Guide is a person who assists you in the destination country of your medical tourism trip, especially in the day of your surgery/procedure and after. Medical Guide responsibilities are very wide and mostly depend on your needs. He/She can pick you up from the airport and transport you to your hotel, go to clinic (where you have your procedure booked) with you, do shopping for you while you lie in bed after surgery, call you a cab, go to pharmacist for you while you can’t, book you a hotel, inform you about tourist attractions, etc.

Medical Guide will simply help you embrace the reality of foreign country in a difficult situation of medical tourism trip. Medical Guide is available for you at all times during one day shift. Also Medical Guide is equipped with car, and he/she can drive you to specified places. Service especially recommended for people who travel alone for medical treatments. Medical Guide is a service provided by CosMedic Travel on behalf of Clinic that you booked your treatment in. It is available for all the treatments in CosMedic Travel provided in Krakow.

Payment applies to the entire working day. Please not that Medical Guide is not a medical care staff and her/his help won’t replace professional medical care after surgery/medical procedure.


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