Medical Tourism Services

Medical Tourism ServicesCancun. a tourist destination renowned for its beautiful beaches and unrivaled natural environment, is also a modern city with all the services of a big city. Cancun now offers a network of professional physicians and the Hospital Galenia. a cutting-edge medical facility that is equipped to receive medical tourists and offer them the answer to their healthcare needs.

Cancun offers the ease of uncomplicated travel since the Cancun International Airport has major international connections and easy access. The airport receives direct flights from the main cities of the United States and Canada, and all the most important commercial airlines in North America arrive here.

Hospital Galenia thinks about you.Four Points hotel, located next to Hospital Galenia, has stylish comfort suites designed to keep guests one step ahead.


Hospital Galenia can help you organize transportation from the airport to your hotel and to the hospital. To obtain more information please call the International Patients Department.

    Activities and Tours

Cancun, cradle of the Mayan civilization, is a terrestrial dream in a region filled with never-ending wonders. The mesmerizing blend of turquoise colors of the Caribbean Sea makes this unique destination sparkle with life. It is a true paradise in which the vibrant coral reefs, pure white sands and deep blue sky join together in natural harmony. Cancun is known worldwide as the ideal destination for healing treatments due to its magical atmosphere, natural environment, and ancient cultural legacy.

We can help you reserve incredible tours for exploring the Mayan culture: Tulum, Chichen Itza, ecological parks, etc.


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