Bangalore grows to be the hub of medical tourism in India

    November 28, 2011 February 23, 2012

Bangalore grows to be the hub of medical tourism in IndiaBangalore, the capital of the State of Karnataka, now better known as Silicon Valley of India. has been witnessing major inflow of foreign patients over the past few years. Patients from across the globe have been flocking to the Silicon Valley city, like never before. The reason for the emergence of Bangalore as the hotbed for medical tourism in India. are many.

Apart from being a global outsourcing centre, Bangalore is now the health giver to the world. Medical tourism is a growing phenomenon and is only eight to ten years old in the city. In comparison to other metros such as Chennai and Mumbai, Bangalore caught up later in the race. However, today, the city aims to be the topmost in attracting foreign patients from across the globe.

According to medical experts, one of the major reasons for this is that Bangalore is a well-known brand in the world. Apart from being a knowledge city, it offers the best hospitals, and pleasant weather, to patients coming here for treatment.

Apart from earning reputation as the ˜Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is also known as the ˜Pub Capital of India, ˜Garden City and so on. Bangalore is full of life and energy, given, the beautiful parks, multiplexes, avenues and historical monuments, not to mention, its pulsating nightlife and a salubrious climate.

Bangalore has been the hub of healthcare since the British era. Currently, it is the centre of attraction due to the presence of large number of major hospitals in the city, and innumerable medical institutes and colleges. The medical experts and professionals are also increasing here by the day.

Majority of the hospitals in Bangalore have capitalized on the growth of floating population, and the growth of the income bracket. Moreover, the holistic health centers in the city have been offering alternate systems of therapy like Art of Living and yoga courses and Ayurvedic therapies, said a source from the Karnataka Government Tourism department.

Bangalore has primarily become the centre of attraction primarily due to the presence of large number of major hospitals in the city, and the innumerable medical institutes and colleges, says Vittal Murthy, Secretary, Kannada Culture Information and Tourism department.

List of Ayurvedic colleges/institutes in Bangalore

Bangalore is home to a series of Ayurvedic colleges, recognized by the University. Ayurveda Colleges in Bangalore are known for their good campuses and the huge variety of plants grown there that help in their study. The teachers in these colleges are trained and experienced. Some of the major colleges/institutes in Bangalore, offering courses in Ayurveda are as follows:

Government Ayurvedic Medical College

(Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Health Sciences)

Dhanwantri Road, Gandhinagar, Bangalore 560009

Indian Institute Of Ayurvedic Medicine & Research


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