Medical Treatment Abroad! Why not?

Medical Treatment Abroad! Why not?Welcome to travel2doctor. com, your trustworthy medical tourism partner. We are specialists in treatments conducted in the Czech Republic. which is a fast-growing and respected European country with state of the art facilities and world-class medical personnel. All our contracted hospitals meet European requirements, are fully-certified and in accordance with European laws they are allowed to provide medical care.

Why go abroad for medical treatments? The exact same procedures are far cheaper in the Czech Republic than the UK or USA!

travel2doctor. com will:

    organise treatments in hospitals arrange flight tickets arrange transport between the airport and hotel locate luxury accommodation in a hotel near the chosen hospital provide translations over the phone

In short, we arrange everything to make your trip abroad for surgery as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

Make an enquiry – If you want more information regarding the services we offer please contact us now on 07976 068198 or fill out our short enquiry form.

After receiving your enquiry we will look for a hospital which would best suit your needs. Once found, we send you detailed information about the procedure including; approximate duration, price of the treatment and other information necessary for a stress-free trip. If you accept our offer and choose our medical tourism agency to organise your treatment we will ask you to send us detailed medical reports about your health condition which we forward to the hospital where you´ll be treated.

If you are thinking of using another medical tourism company why not compare their offer with ours? It´s absolutely FREE!


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