North America

North AmericaThe discovery of the New World revealed new destinations for medical travelers from Europe. Dutch and English colonists assembled log cabins alongside mineral springs in the 1600s. During this period, Native Americans in the New World were notably adept in the healing arts.

In the United States and Canada, mineral springs were used for the development of spa tourism, around which the first national parks have been established. The physical morphology of springs can result in distinctive natural landscapes that also helped draw visitors from all corners of the world (e. g. Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA).

In the nineteenth century, wealthy tuberculosis sufferers from Europe often travelled to (and lived) in south-west United States, seeking different climate conditions in order to improve their health. That kind of behavior arguably predates modern-day lifestyle retirement and second home migration for similar reasons of extending quality of life.

However, traveling with the intention of receiving treatments, such as cosmetic surgery, dental care and other complex procedures is a relatively new phenomenon, having begun only several decades ago throughout the world.


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