Amongst the Highest Medical Standards in the World

Amongst the Highest Medical Standards in the WorldGreece’s medical facilities meet all the international healthcare standards. It is recognized throughout the European and U. S. world as leaders in the science of medicine; providing high quality medical care and services.

Our MEDTOURISM group has been founded by a team of experienced doctors, trained at different Medical Centers in Greece and in U. K. and U. S. hospitals. All the experienced Medical Tourism personnel provide high quality healthcare services with dignity, respect and responsibility.

The MEDTOURISM group is connected for many years with the leading hospitals in Greece, as Central Clinic of Athens and Central Clinic of Santorini. The modern hospitals or clinics are highly technologically equipped, in order to provide health services, responding to the patient’s needs in the most effective way.

Although Greece is a newcomer to the medical tourism market, the MEDTOURISM group Greek doctors’ practice with as much care and professionalism as other more well established destinations. We are committed to providing our patients with the highest standards of medical treatment abroad, coupled with the most cost-efficient options for medical travel.


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