Increase Safety and Trust for International Visitors in Hospitality Premises

Increase Safety and Trust for International Visitors in Hospitality PremisesIn recent years, matters of health safety in hospitality and special categories of travellers’ and their management issues have been raised worldwide. International trends of travelling and tourism shows a significant rise in senior age travellers. Seniors and sensitive travellers demand a specific set of service factors to be applied in the destination country and accommodation providers.

Furthermore, Medical Tourism is a booming market which has been emerged in various countries offering medical facilities and treatments at a fraction of the price of other countries. People with various healthcare issues or medical problems, travel in order to get specialised care in competitive price and in order combine treatment with leisure during their stay. Healthcare along with hospitality sector stand to profit vastly from substantial new opportunities and economical growth in this sector.

Either way, people travelling on vacation, wellness or medical purposes need to choose, among others, the place to stay at: Make them choose Your Hotel!.

Whatever the reason or however long the stay is, senior or sensitive travelers, international patients or medical tourists, want peace of mind, trust for their current or potential individual needs’ coverage, and feeling of safety in case of emergencies.

As a priority for your tourist management, you can now have your Hotel tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland, as a Medical Tourism Friendly Hotel. Based on our quality and safety standards’ framework, our marks and seals of approval, give sensitive individuals, senior people, medical tourists and international patients, the confidence they need that your business provides safe & efficient hospitality and accommodation services.

Just ask our experts about the MTFH requirements framework which line to certification for reliability, health safety and high quality of hospitality services.


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