Charaka – Ancient India Medicine

Charaka - Ancient India MedicineCharaka Charaka was a noted Ayurveda practitioner who wrote the famous treatise on medicine Charaka Samahita. He wrote extensively on digestion, metabolism and immune system. According to him body functions because it contains three doshas – bile, phlegm and wind. These are produced when dhatus – blood, flesh and marrow act after food is consumed. The body becomes sick when there is imbalance between three doshas. He prescribed drugs to restore this balance.

Charaka gives advice that physician who fails to enter the body of a patient with the lamp of knowledge and understanding can never treat diseases. He put more emphasis on prevention rather than cure.

Charaka also wrote about genetics like the factors responsible for sex of a child. Charaka has theorized blindness from the birth is not due to any defect in the mother or the father, but owes its origin in the ovum and the sperm. The other notable fields Charaka Samahita deals with are physiology, etiology and embryology.


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