Free Health Care

Free Health CareAll the citizens of Maltese can avail health services free of cost, at the point of delivery. Malta is one of the few countries where the health care cost has traditionally been footed by the state. The government funds the health services through taxation. Citizens of Malta are have no obligation to purchase health insurance, though all workers and employees pay National Insurance contributions. Of course, the only downside is that the waiting times are considerably longer than opting for one of the many private hospitals. This is well worth a check, much depending on your current insurance.

Most foreigners (foreign tourists and workers mostly) visiting Malta, need to buy private health insurance, as per government directive. Visitors from EU member states, must come with their European Health Insurance Card. Only the British and the Australians tourists and travelers visiting Malta for less than 30 days are exempt from the rule, and can avail free health provisions, because of a reciprocal health care arrangements with these two countries.

Malta is famous for its strong primary care health centers led by general practitioners. Secondary and tertiary services are provided by the government hospitals.


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