7 Top Medical Tourism Destinations

7 Top Medical Tourism DestinationsMedical tourism is booming, as more and more countries have realized that they can bring in big money from foreigners who can get things done for far less than in their home countries. You might think that the travelers would be almost all Americans, but even people from countries with national healthcare systems like Canada and the UK are often unwilling or unable to wait for their number to come up on the waiting list, so having an affordable procedure done elsewhere is the best option.

There is also a huge industry built up in cosmetic and dental surgery, and many of these medical tourists are able to combine their procedures with sightseeing or relaxing beforehand or during the recovery period. If you want a nose job, having the people of India see the bandages isn’t quite as bad as having your neighbors see them.

Here are 7 of the major players around the world:


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