So why do so many hospitals, clinics, doctors and dentists try to build a medical tourism service without the official support of their tourism and economic development agencies and collaborating stakeholders?

Are you Good? Or Are You Lucky?

HEALTH TOURISM BUSINESS IS GOES BEYOND SIMPLE APPOINTMENT SETTING FOR SURGERIES, OR MEDICAL AND DENTAL CONSULTATIONSAny obscure private hospital, clinic, doctor or dentist can be lucky and occasionally sell a surgery, consultation or a checkup to a patient coming from a place far away. But developing a health and wellness tourism destination that attracts hundreds of medical travel visitors per month requires the support and assistance of several government authorities.

We help destination authorities and stakeholders work collaboratively to prepare, organize and market their medical tourism destination. Medical tourism destination hubs takes planning, funding, and strategic assessment of the existing destination assets. A gap analysis is conducted to determine the minimum necessary embellishments and enhancements to add distinction and differentiation.

Luck alone can never support and sustain a health or wellness tourism supplier for the long term. Business growth and sustainability requires planning, strategy, marketing, promotion, and skillful execution to make efficient use of new and existing resources, suppliers, and collaborating stakeholders to welcome medical travel visitors.

When a destination decides to develop its medical tourism sector, it needs more than excess capacity and cheap prices for surgery and medical services.

Health and wellness tourism destinations need solid foundations to build upon. The fundamental elements include high quality health services and tourism outlets, qualified physicians, nurses and technicians, and an attractive destination with a globally renowned reputation for health services excellence.

Healthcare and tourism stakeholders can launch a website, design a logo and buy conference stands, but that does not ensure success. Often they overlook product development and skip over the user experience and jump straight to sales mode.

“People don’t buy what you do or what you sell; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.”

— Simon Sinek – “Start With Why”


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