Discussion online about Railway Road

Discussion online about Railway RoadThere’s a good deal of discussion today online about what looks like the demolishing of all structures on both sides of the Railway Road, or Liab Tang Rodfai Road, near Soi 88 and the railway crossing. However, we’ve noticed some new building going on along the road, so either everyone has not received the message or the demolition in question is just the normal ebb and flow of business. Here is some of the “speculation”:

“After years of speculation, it seems that the authorities are at last demolishing all the properties on the train road, both sides are to be removed. Does anybody know if this is to make the double rail track or a better, wider road?”

“The demolition of a small number of properties at the rail crossing top of Soi 88 is for road widening, which makes sense. Don’t think the properties that run parallel and east of the railway track will be demolished until the last minute, as the land for the businesses are rented off the railway authorities.”

“I know for a fact that the lady we used for clothes repair, etc, was given notice about a year ago by the railway. She’s already gone, and her little workplace demolished. She was closer to the station than Soi 88.”

“BOTH sides? I guess it must be for double tracks. PROBLEM there will be NO back road from soi 88 to train station, all that traffic on PK. Anybody in govt thought about that?”

“Perhaps the road will be shifted slightly East?”

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