Sunday, March 28, 2010

What does a medical travel facilitator do?

Sunday, March 28, 2010Aspire Medical Travel facilitates medical tourism for people looking to obtain high quality medical or dental treatment at a small fraction of the cost of the same procedure in the United States. As a medical travel facilitator, we help our clients find the right doctor and medical facility in the right international destination. We arrange all medical appointments, manage our clients’ medical documents, and book all travel and lodging arrangements.

Finding the right doctor

One of the most important responsibilities of a medical travel facilitator is helping our clients find the right doctor. We have interviewed countless doctors and representatives from medical facilities around the world, and we have visited a large number of hospitals at top medical tourism destinations. We are confident that the doctors and medical facilities with which we partner are among the best in the world. In order to help our clients find the perfect doctor for their individual healthcare needs, we arrange phone consultations for our clients. This allows them to interview doctors and find the right healthcare provider for their specific needs.

Managing medical appointments and documents

Once our clients find the right doctor, we help arrange all medical appointments for them. This includes scheduling and confirming all consultations, appointments, and medical tests abroad. Since we have established strong relationships with healthcare providers abroad, we can assist in re-scheduling appointments if needed without any problems.

We also make sure that the doctor abroad has all necessary medical documents, including medical reports, diagnoses, test results, x-rays, and any other required documents. It can be very difficult for an individual patient to organize all of this information and send it to a healthcare provider abroad. We can transfer most records into digital files, which make it much easier to transfer it to the doctor at the medical travel destination. This is a huge relief to our patients and a major value added by the medical travel facilitator.

Booking all travel and lodging needs

Managing travel arrangements can be a difficult process, especially when international travel is involved. A medical travel facilitator can assist in booking all travel and lodging for the client. This includes arranging flights and hotel reservations, obtaining visas if needed, applying for or renewing passports, getting international cell phones or calling cards, recommending immunizations, as well as countless other travel arrangements.

For people considering medical tourism. the services provided by a medical travel facilitator, such as Aspire Medical Travel, can be extremely valuable. Even better, these services typically are provided at no additional charge to the client.


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