Medical Costs and Health Tourism in Malaysia

Medical Costs and Health Tourism in MalaysiaHealth tourism used to mean looking at the tools of the barber surgeons in the York Museum, situated near to the instruments of torture, many of which looked interchangeable, but it has now become a world wide business, prompting a great increase in the number and range of hospitals in those countries seeking to enter the market of Health Tourism.

The Malaysian Government is actively promoting Malaysia as a health tourist destination and as a result, the number and range of specialist hospitals, clinics and dental surgeries in both Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Penang has greatly increased in recent years. Health services in Malaysia are both world class and economical, a combination which could soon make Malaysia one of the world’s top health tourism destinations. Operations arranged under normal Health Tourism, are planned in advance and form part of a holiday package including transport and accommodation at a hotel for both the pre operation and post operational recuperation periods, but these private medical facilities are also available to anyone in Malaysia who wishes to pay for treatment. (Public Hospitals are heavily subsidised and are primarily for use by Malaysian citizens who can’t afford private medical treatment).

All Public Government hospitals and the majority of private hospitals have Emergency treatment rooms where instant access to trained medical teams is available 24 hours a day. In both Kuala Lumpur (KL) and in Penang there are a large number of private hospitals, and, due to the competition, the price of treatment is kept low. Many of the GP’s and Consultants are trained overseas and have qualifications that are both recognised and accepted worldwide, giving foreigners ready access to high level medical facilities.

Required Medical Coverage for Malaysia My Second Home Applicants

Applicants coming to Malaysia under the Malaysian My Second Home Scheme (MM2H) are required to have local medical insurance, although a long standing World Wide Medical Insurance policy issued elsewhere may be accepted.

There is however an interesting codicil, in that, if one is unable to get medical insurance, due to a previous claim or because an applicant is too old, then a letter from the insurance company stating that the applicant has been denied medical insurance cover, is sufficient for the purposes of MM2H. This of course leaves the applicant without medical insurance.

While living in a foreign land without any medical cover might seem worrying, in some ways it is actually beneficial as a potential patient is then free to use any hospital, clinic, surgery, surgeon or General Practitioner (GP) of their choice. Unlike in the UK, there is no need to be referred to a Consultant by a GP. Of course, if a patient is seeing a GP who thinks that the patient needs to see a Consultant, it can be arranged very quickly, normally within minutes. However the ability of a patient to make an appointment directly with either a GP or a Consultant has the advantage of both reducing costs and hastening access to treatment.


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