Top 5 Countries With Booming Medical Tourism Industry

Top 5 Countries With Booming Medical Tourism IndustryIf you think that having medical treatments at home are expensive, you can head over to these countries

Why: Modern medical facilities, high-tech biotechnology research center

This little red dot in the middle of Southeast Asia houses world-class healthcare facilities that welcome not only Asian but Western patients as well. World Health Organization ranks it as number six in terms of healthcare provision.

Why: Plastic surgery

Brazil is a country where looking good is of utmost priority. Almost all Brazilians go under the knife to achieve this. This means there are a lot of suppliers of plastic surgery. Surgical procedures here are 60 percent cheaper than in America but make sure that the Joint Commission International accredits the hospital that is doing the procedure.

Why: World-class orthopedic, bone marrow transplants and cardiac procedures

The country specializes on providing topnotch healthcare procedures with cheap price tag. You will spend only ten cents in India for every dollar you spend on a medical procedure in America. India has two best medical tourism hospitals. Fortis Hospital in Bangalore and Asian Heart Institute in Mumbai. The local doctors can speak English and there are translators for non-English speaking patients.


Why: Surgical and rehabilitation therapy

World-class medical procedures and surgeries attract medical tourists to Thailand. Medical tourism grows to about 16 percent annually. Several Thai doctors have received medical training in respected Western and Singaporean institutions. Thailand is also a place for plastic surgeries where you’ll get at least 80 percent off the price you pay in the US.

Why: Dental and weight loss surgery

While beaches are the main attraction of Mexico, cosmetic procedures also get the attention of tourists. 70 percent of the medical tourists in Mexico are usually Americans from Texas, California and Arizona. Just be sure that you are getting your service from a authentic institution.


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