Asian Medical Tourism Destinations Ranked by English Proficiency

Asian Medical Tourism Destinations Ranked by English ProficiencyLondon’s EF Education First is the world’s largest privately held education company specializing in language training, educational travel, academic degrees, and cultural exchange.

The rankings dispelled some popular misconceptions about English aptitude in several Asian countries. For instance, India, with its history as a British colony and reputation as a popular outsourcing destination for the West, scored lower than China, a country commonly associated with poor English skills.

Likewise, Hong Kong, a long-time territory of the U. K. scored essentially the same as Japan and South Korea, where the public and private study of English by students and adults is widespread.

Malaysia topped the list of Asian countries and was the only country outside of Europe to achieve a level of "High Proficiency." English has been a required subject there for all school children for many years.

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