MTCNume/ Medical Tours Company Client/ Dr. Razvan Savu [ vezi recomandarea + ] Cerinte/ – Data/ Ianuarie 2009

Ni s-a solicitat crearea unui cabinet stomatologic “altfel” care sa transmita si prin imagine evolutia fata de stomatologia cu care ne-am obisnuit. nnAm imaginat un spatiu fluid, in care trecerea de la o incapere la alta sa fie cat mai putin evidenta pentru ca pacientul sa poate lua cu el in sala de tratament relaxarea din anticamera. nnAm plusat si am ales o solutie bicolora, un pic socanta pentru a deconecta clientul de la sentimentul clasic al vizitei la stomatolog. nnMedical Tours Company

Medical Tours Company Home

The advantages of a proximity service at best tariffs currently in Europe.

• Intervention in Romania by a French specialist in implantology

• Consultation and follow-up ensured by the same specialist in his cabinet in France

Our dental clinic was founded in 2004 by Dr. Razvan Savu, in Pitesti, Romania. Pitesti is a charming town easily approachable from our country’s capital Bucharest. Pitesti, home of the Dacia – Renault Company has a growing French community. This geographic context besides the commitment to the quality of our dental services, and our state of the art vision have made us ready to team with a French partner to increase the quality of dental tourism. Thus in November 2008 we became a French – Romanian dental clinic named MEDICAL TOURS COMPANY.

MTC was born from the idea of improving the quality, while retaining the advantages and savings of dental treatments abroad. and in the process eliminating all the inconveniences of difficult follow ups.

To assure accurate follow ups, we surrounded MTC with French Dentists partners. They are highly experienced and acknowledged in their specialties. These partners work not only in our dental clinic, but are available for your follow ups in France. They are easily accessible throughout the different regions of France.

The plan of treatment is also carried out in France; in this way our patients have the possibility of meeting their specialist and of being perfectly well informed on the course of the treatment before any decision making.

Our patients from abroad enjoy these conveniences:

    all the advantages of a dental treatment in your country of origin. the best prices available for the moment in Europe, thanks to the low cost involved in managing a dental clinic in Romania an unforgettable time while discovering the beauty and mysteries of Romania, while saving money;

Being faithful to our development policy, which is built on the quality of our dental services and the safety of our patients, we invested generously in our new location by designing a roomy and ergonomic dental office, with dental equipment that meets the highest standards in the field of dentistry. We have created a path of transparency, and quality unique in the world of dental tourism simply named: Agreement of Quality. We have nothing to hide.

You can enrich your dental health all the while discovering another country, while spending less than you would at home.

We propose to you an easy way out: quality, reliability and the low cost of our dental services. By undergoing your dental treatments in our clinic your fees can be greatly reduced.


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